List of Figures

Figure 1.1 IMS in converged networks

Figure 1.2 Convergence of networks

Figure 1.3 Multimedia messaging

Figure 1.4 The role of the IMS in the packet switched networks

Figure 1.5 Road to standardized common IMS standards

Figure 2.1 IMS connectivity options when a user is roaming

Figure 2.2 Overview of IMS security

Figure 2.3 IMS charging overview

Figure 2.4 IMS/CS roaming alternatives

Figure 2.5 IMS and layered architecture

Figure 2.6 Access independence

Figure 2.7 S-CSCF routing and basic IMS session setup

Figure 2.8 Structure of HSS

Figure 2.9 Relationship between different application server types

Figure 2.10 Signalling conversion in the SGW

Figure 2.11 Possible deployments for Interconnection Border Control Function

Figure 2.12 IMS architecture

Figure 2.13 HSS resolution using the SLF

Figure 3.1 High-level IMS registration flow

Figure 3.2 Example of implicit registration sets

Figure 3.3 High-level IMS session establishment flow

Figure 3.4 Relationship of user identities

Figure 3.5 Relationship between user identities including shared identity

Figure 3.6 Relationship between UE, GRUU and Public User Identities

Figure 3.7 Sharing a single user identity between multiple devices

Figure 3.8 A GPRS specific mechanism for discovering P-CSCF

Figure 3.9 A generic mechanism for discovering P-CSCF

Figure 3.10 Example of S-CSCF assignment

Figure 3.11 Policy control entities

Figure 3.12 Bearer authorization in UE initiated model

Figure 3.13 Example of IMS based gating in ...

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