2 SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES The value of diverse perspectives on creative thinking and innovation1

‘We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.’


In this chapter we spend some time exploring different cultural perspectives on creativity and innovation in order to enrich understanding and appreciation. The first stage of preparation for the purpose-driven innovation process is a mindset check. This chapter will help you to:

  • challenge current perspectives
  • open up to seeing multiple new perspectives in order to gain new insights
  • appreciate how new perspectives can spark curiosity and imagination, which in turn trigger ideation
  • understand how diverse cultural perspectives can, in particular, provide fresh new insights and lead to new ideas.

Key challenge: How to learn to see issues from multiple perspectives.

You have no doubt seen images of the archetypal Buddhist monk, but have you ever thought about what it takes to become a monk? Such a commitment cannot be taken lightly. It involves a great deal of self-denial and service, periods of monastic isolation, no means of self-support and a vow of chastity. Not many people would be prepared to make these sacrifices, especially if they enjoy a position of privilege. Would you?

Buddhist ideas are popular worldwide, particularly the desire to reconnect with a deeper spirituality in our increasingly busy lives, yet commitment to the priesthood is declining. As the modern ‘religion’ of consumerism increases its hold, ...

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