What people are saying about The Innovation Race

‘an inspirational and unconventional look at innovation’

‘easy to read, accurate, provocative and entertaining’

‘a fresh insightful tool … you will be educated and entertained by compelling stories'

‘thoughtful and engaging’

‘essential for the human race’

‘every executive should own a copy of this book’

Every company in the world is now struggling to define themselves for a future they have yet to imagine. They all know they have to innovate to survive; the best appreciate that innovation is what gives their businesses relevance and drive. But few know how to get there from here. Culture, of course, is key, but what kind of culture? That's what this book sets out to explore and define. No question in business today is more urgent. So read this book before it's too late.

— Margaret Heffernan, author of bestsellers Willful Blindness and Beyond Measure, BBC TV producer, CEO & entrepreneur, Huffington Post blogger

The Grants have done it again with another inspirational and unconventional look at innovation. Not a re-hash of worn-out stories about the companies that we all believe are ‘innovative’ but a fresh look at innovation. This book will turn your idea of innovation and competition upside down and on its head. Be prepared for a great ride!

— Dr Roger Firestien, Senior Faculty, International Center for Studies in Creativity — State University of New York Buffalo and author of Leading on the Creative Edge and Why Didn't I Think ...

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