The Innovator's Field Guide: Market Tested Methods and Frameworks to Help You Meet Your Innovation Challenges

Book description

A step-by-step guide to successfully transforming any organization

It is well recognized that succeeding at innovation is fundamental in today's hyper-competitive global marketplace. It is the only way to outperform current and emerging competitors sustainably. But what we call "innovation" is messy and difficult and too often lacks the rigor and discipline of other management processes. The Innovator's Field Guide: Market Tested Methods and Frameworks to Help You Meet Your Innovation Challenges changes that. It is a practical guide that moves beyond the "why" to the "how" of making innovation happen, for leaders and practitioners inside organizations of all sizes.

Written by two pioneers in the field of embedding innovation in organization, The Innovator's Field Guide focuses on the most pressing innovation problems and specific challenges innovation leaders will face and offers concrete solutions, tools, and methods to overcome them.

  • Each chapter describes a specific innovation challenge and details proven ways to address that challenge

  • Includes practical ideas, techniques, and leading practices

  • Describes common obstacles and offers practical solutions

  • Any leader or professional who needs concrete solutions—right now—to the critical challenges of innovation will find invaluable aid in the practical, easy-to-understand, and market-tested approaches of The Innovator's Field Guide.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Contents
    5. Dedication
    6. Chapter 1: Setting Context
      1. About This Field Guide
      2. The Innovation Challenges
      3. Principles of Innovation
      4. As You Read The Guide
    7. Chapter 2: Raising Your Innovation IQ Through Insight-Driven Innovation
      1. What Is a “Great Insight”?
      2. Five Insight Types
      3. Key Take-Aways
    8. Chapter 3: Enabling Breakthrough Innovation
      1. Enabling Breakthrough Innovations Through Insight Combinations
      2. Domaining: Building a Pipeline of Related Concepts
      3. Bringing Strategic Focus to Your Efforts: Innovation Architecture
      4. Key Take-Aways
    9. Chapter 4: From Nascent Idea to Business Concept
      1. Changing Your Mind-Set About the Innovation Process
      2. The SEI Approach
      3. Using an Iterative Learning Process
      4. Don't Take Opportunity Elaboration and Framing for Granted
      5. Fast-Tracking Opportunities When You Believe Speed to Market Is Critical
      6. Key Take-Aways
    10. Chapter 5: Propelling Fast Innovation
      1. Engaging the Organization Through Focused Innovation Challenges
      2. Innovation Accelerators
      3. Open Innovation: Moving Faster Than Your Internal Development
      4. Key Take-Aways
    11. Chapter 6: Experimentation and De-Risking
      1. Framing Risk to Manage It
      2. Defining Your Learning Path
      3. Developing Your Experimentation Agenda
      4. Experimentation in Action
      5. Key Take-Aways
    12. Chapter 7: Innovating While in Market
      1. Innovating While Flying the Plane
      2. Principles to Guide Postlaunch Innovation
      3. Using Front-End Techniques in Postlaunch Activities: Develop New Insights to Enable New Learning
      4. Translating Insights into Action
      5. Continue to Experiment for Postlaunch Learning and Revision
      6. Postlaunch Innovation: Illustrative Design Approaches
      7. Postlaunch Innovation Pioneers: Select Case Examples
      8. Postlaunch Innovation Issues to Anticipate
      9. Key Take-Aways
    13. Chapter 8: Organizing for Innovation
      1. A Framework for Organizing the Elements of Innovation
      2. Design Principles for Organizing for Innovation
      3. The Organizing Elements
      4. Case Examples: Organizing for Innovation
      5. Key Take-Aways
    14. Chapter 9: Leading Innovation
      1. Leading Innovation from the Top
      2. Driving Leadership Engagement in Innovation
      3. An Example of Innovation Leadership Engagement
      4. Leading Innovation from the Top: Who's on Point?
      5. Top Leadership as an Indispensable Element
      6. Leading from Within: Grassroots-Led Innovation
      7. Key Take-Aways
    15. Chapter 10: Getting Started
      1. Designing from Outcomes Back
      2. Different Types of Innovation Outcomes
      3. High-Level Designs for Frequently Desired Outcomes
      4. Getting Started: Assembling the Team
      5. Assessing Issues and Approach: Innovation Assessment and Design
      6. Before You Begin: Some Additional Tips
      7. Key Take-Aways
    16. Chapter 11: Conclusion and Looking Ahead
      1. Flexible, Reconfigurable Techniques for Addressing Innovation Challenges
      2. Be Alert for Common Pitfalls
    17. Notes
    18. Acknowledgments
    19. About the Authors
    20. Index

    Product information

    • Title: The Innovator's Field Guide: Market Tested Methods and Frameworks to Help You Meet Your Innovation Challenges
    • Author(s): Peter Skarzynski, David Crosswhite
    • Release date: March 2014
    • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
    • ISBN: 9781118644300