Chapter 2

Is the Internet Safe? Viruses, Spyware, Spam, and Other Yucky Stuff

In This Chapter

arrow Taking a look at the dangers that lurk on the Net

arrow Protecting your online privacy

arrow Understanding how viruses can infect your computer

arrow Preventing spyware-makers from installing unwanted software on your PC

arrow Controlling how much junk email you’re stuck looking at

arrow Keeping yourself and your family safe online

We like the Internet. It has been part of our lives — and livelihoods — for years. We’d love to tell you that all the stuff you may have read about the dangers of connecting a computer to the Internet is hype. We can’t. The success of the Internet has attracted unsavory people who view you as a money tree ready to be plucked. (Nothing personal — they see everybody that way.) In a few countries, perpetrating Internet fraud is now a major part of the national economy.

Even if no one steals your ...

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