Chapter 6

Welcome to the Wild, Wonderful, Wacky Web

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding web pages and URLs

arrow Pointing, clicking, browsing, and other basic skills

arrow Opening lots of web pages at the same time

arrow Discovering the web from your phone

arrow Discovering Internet Explorer and Firefox

arrow Installing a browser other than Internet Explorer

People now talk about the web more than they talk about the Internet. The World Wide Web and the Internet aren’t the same thing — the World Wide Web (which we call the web because we’re lazy typists) lives “on top of” the Internet. The Internet’s network is at the core of the web, and the web is an attractive parasite that requires the Net for survival. However, so much of what happens online is on the web that you aren’t really online until you know how to browse the web.

This chapter explains what the web is and where it came from. Then it describes how to install ...

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