5 Establishment of Structured Comments and Coherent Dialogues Referring to Educational Videos on YouTube

Kerstin Raudonat, Fabian Wiedenhöfer, Dominik Rudisch, Vicdan Burna, Selma Ulusoy, Nicola Marsden, Dominikus Herzberg

In the Inverted Classroom Model (ICM) it is of major importance to provide digitized teaching content – especially in the online phase when learners work on their own (cf. Handke/Sperl, 2012 ). The use of educational videos such as lecture videos is essential for preparing and following up on the learning contents so that time in class can be used for deepening the subject, exercises, and discussions (cf. Fischer/Spannagel, 2012). Therefore, the necessity to discuss teaching materials and content questions arises outside ...

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