The iPhone Book: Covers iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4, Sixth Edition

Book description

If you're looking for a book that focuses on just the most important, most useful, and most fun stuff about your iPhone 5, 4S, or 4—you've found it. There are basically two types of iPhone books out there: (1) The "tell-me-all-about-it" kind, which includes in-depth discussions on everything from wireless network protocols to advanced compression codes. (2) Then there's this book, which instead is a "show-me-how-to-do-it" book that skips all the confusing techno-jargon and just tells you, in plain, simple English, exactly how to use the iPhone features you want to use most. The iPhone Book is from Scott Kelby, the award-winning author of the smash bestseller, The iPod Book, who takes that same highly acclaimed, casual, straight-to-the-point concept and layout and brings it to learning Apple's amazing iPhone. Scott teams up once again with gadget guru and leading iPhone authority Terry White to put together a book that is an awful lot like the iPhone itself—simple to use and fun to learn. The book's layout is brilliant, with each page covering just one single topic, so finding the information you need is quick and easy, with a large full-color photo on each page so you can see exactly how it works. Scott and Terry added even more tips and tricks than the previous editions, and made it even easier by focusing on just the most useful and most requested iPhone 5 features, so you can start really using your iPhone today!

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Scott’s Acknowledgments
  5. Terry’s Acknowledgments
  6. About the Authors
  7. Contents
  8. Introduction
    1. Seven Things You’ll Wish You Had Known...
    2. Before Reading This Book!
  9. Chapter One. The Bare Essentials: 10 Things Brand New iPhone Users Need to Know
    1. Turning Your iPhone On, Off, and Putting It to Sleep
    2. Using Your iPhone’s Touchscreen
    3. Getting Back to the Home Screen
    4. Making Phone Calls
    5. Using Your iPhone’s Built-In Speaker
    6. How to Send Text Messages
    7. Using the Built-In Keyboard
    8. Downloading Songs/Videos Right to Your iPhone
    9. Flipping Your View
    10. Charging Your iPhone
  10. Chapter Two. Phoneheads: How to Use the Phone
    1. Importing Contacts
    2. Importing Contacts from Your Old Cell Phone
    3. Importing Your Google Contacts on Your iPhone
    4. Importing Your Contacts from Facebook
    5. Adding New Contacts from Scratch
    6. Search for a Contact
    7. Dialing Someone in Your Contacts List
    8. Seeing a Contact’s Photo When They Call
    9. Dialing a Call
    10. The Advantage of Using Groups
    11. Setting Up Your Speed Dial Favorites
    12. Reordering (or Removing) Favorites
    13. Seeing the Contact Info for a Favorite
    14. Turn a Recent Caller into a Contact
    15. Shooting a Photo and Adding It to a Contact
    16. Control the Size of Your Caller ID Photos
    17. Putting a Call on Hold to Call Someone Else
    18. Making Instant Conference Calls
    19. Pausing Music to Take a Call
    20. Check Your Email While You’re On the Phone
    21. How to Know If You Missed Any Calls
    22. Returning Missed Calls
    23. Seeing If You Have Voicemail Messages
    24. Listening To and Deleting Voicemail Messages
    25. Replay Just Part of a Voicemail Message
    26. Recording Your Outgoing Voicemail Message
    27. Setting Up Call Forwarding
    28. Can’t Take a Call Now? Reply with a Text Message
    29. Get Reminded Later That You Didn’t Take That Call
    30. Adding a Pause
    31. Turning the Ringer Off
    32. Choosing Your Ringtone
    33. Assigning Ringtones to Specific Callers
    34. Headsets or Bluetooth in Your Car
    35. Set Up to Make FaceTime Video Calls
    36. Making a FaceTime Video Call
    37. During Your FaceTime Call
    38. Use FaceTime and Not Cellular Minutes
  11. Chapter Three. Message in a Bottle: Sending Text Messages
    1. Sending Text Messages
    2. Sending Messages to Multiple People
    3. Seeing If You Have Text Messages
    4. iMessage: Send Unlimited Free Texts! Really!
    5. How to Know If You’re Sending an iMessage
    6. Deleting Individual Messages
    7. Forwarding Individual Messages
    8. If Your Text Doesn’t Go Through
    9. Sending Photos or Videos in a Text Message
    10. Video Quality and Text (MMS) Messaging
    11. Sending Voice Memos in a Text Message
    12. Use Siri to Do Your Texting for You
    13. Other Ways to Text Your Contacts
    14. Turning Off the “You’ve Got a Text Message” Sound
    15. Seeing How Many Characters You’ve Typed
    16. Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts for Texting
  12. Chapter Four. App Anthem: Using Apps & the App Store
    1. Downloading iPhone Apps to Your Computer
    2. Getting Apps from Your iPhone’s App Store
    3. Deleting Apps
    4. Updating Your Apps
    5. Quickly Switching to Another App
    6. Rearranging Your Apps
    7. Cut the App Clutter by Creating Folders
    8. Access More Apps at the Bottom of Your Screen
    9. Don’t Miss Apple’s Own Downloadable Apps
    10. Accessing Your Audio Controls While in Another App
    11. Organizing Your iPhone Apps on Your Computer
    12. Where to Find the Very Coolest Apps
  13. Chapter Five. Please Mr. Postman: Getting (and Sending) Email
    1. Setting Up Your Email
    2. What If Your Email Isn’t in the List?
    3. Add an iCloud Email Account
    4. Add a Corporate Microsoft Exchange Email Account
    5. Checking Your Email
    6. The Unified Inbox
    7. Getting Email from Your VIP Contacts
    8. Reading Your Email
    9. Threaded Email Discussions
    10. Viewing and Playing Email Attachments
    11. Saving an Emailed Photo to Your iPhone
    12. Opening an Attachment in Another App
    13. Dialing a Phone Number from an Email
    14. Going to a Website from an Email
    15. Filing an Email in a Folder
    16. Flagging Important Emails
    17. Deleting, Moving, or Marking Emails
    18. Searching and Handling the Results
    19. Replying to an Email
    20. Forwarding an Email
    21. Writing a New Email
    22. Editing Your Email
    23. Emailing a Photo
    24. Printing an Email
    25. Sharing a Contact
    26. Using Multiple Email Signatures
  14. Chapter Six. Surfin’ Safari: Using Safari, Your iPhone’s Web Browser
    1. Visiting Webpages on Your iPhone
    2. Getting Around a Webpage
    3. Saving Webpages to Read Later
    4. Getting a New Page and Closing a Page
    5. Moving Between Pages
    6. Using Your Bookmarks
    7. Adding a Bookmark
    8. Editing or Deleting a Bookmark
    9. Adding or Removing a Direct Web Link Icon
    10. Using iCloud Tabs
    11. Using Google Search
    12. Mobile Versions of Your Favorite Sites
    13. Reading Webpages Made Much Easier
    14. Dialing a Phone Number on a Webpage
    15. Filling in an Online Form
    16. Save or Copy an Image from a Webpage
    17. Share or Print a Webpage
  15. Chapter Seven. Tool Time: iPhone’s Tools for Organizing Your Life
    1. Using Passbook for Gift Cards, Boarding Passes & More, Part 1
    2. Using Passbook for Gift Cards, Boarding Passes & More Part 2
    3. Using the Notification Center
    4. Using Reminders
    5. Using Newsstand
    6. Using the Game Center
    7. Setting Up Clocks for Different Time Zones
    8. Using the Stopwatch
    9. Setting Up a Countdown Clock
    10. Using Your iPhone as an Alarm
    11. Using the Calculator
    12. Using the Built-In Maps App
    13. Locate Yourself on the Map
    14. Turn-by-Turn Driving Directions
    15. Drop a Pin on the Map
    16. Seeing a Satellite Photo View of Your Map
    17. Seeing a 3D Map Flyover (This Is Really Cool!)
    18. Seeing Real-Time Traffic Conditions on Your Map
    19. Finding Your Contacts on the Map
    20. Build Up Your Contacts from the Maps App
    21. Use Map Bookmarks
    22. Using the Weather App
    23. Making Quick Notes
    24. Getting Stock Quotes
    25. Getting More Info on Your Stocks
    26. Using Stocks as a Currency Converter
    27. Syncing Your Calendar
    28. Adding Appointments to Your Calendar
    29. Subscribing to Calendars on Your iPhone
    30. Using the Built-In Voice Memos App
    31. Using the Compass
    32. Nike + iPod
    33. Find My iPhone
    34. Secure Your iPhone with a Passcode
  16. Chapter Eight. Let’s Get Siri-us: How to Use Siri: Your Built-In Personal Assistant
    1. Turning Siri On
    2. How to Bring Siri Up
    3. What New Things Can You Ask Siri in iOS 6?
    4. 15 Useful Things to Ask Siri
    5. 15 Fun Things to Ask Siri
    6. Using Siri Over Bluetooth or with Your Headset
    7. Tips for Better Results with Siri
    8. Add to Your Grocery List with Siri
  17. Chapter Nine. McCloud: Keep Everything in Sync Using iCloud
    1. iCloud Settings
    2. Your Data in the iCloud
    3. Your Music in the iCloud
    4. Your Photos in the iCloud
    5. Your Documents in the iCloud
    6. Backing Up to iCloud
  18. Chapter Ten. I Got the Music in Me: Using Your iPhone’s Built-In iPod That’s Not Called an iPod
    1. If You Have Songs on Your Computer...
    2. Don’t Plug In—Now You Can Sync Wirelessly
    3. Playing Music on Your iPhone
    4. Seeing Your List of Songs
    5. Searching for Songs
    6. Buying Songs on Your iPhone
    7. Buy the Rest of an Album (or TV Show Season)
    8. Play/Pause, Skipping Songs, Rewind & Volume
    9. Your Options When Playing a Song
    10. Using iTunes Match to Back Up Your Other Songs to iCloud
    11. Stream Music Wirelessly to Your Stereo Using AirPlay
    12. Shuffle Your Songs
    13. Scrubbing Through a Song
    14. Repeating a Song or Playlist
    15. Using Cover Flow
    16. Using Your Playlists
    17. Creating New Playlists
    18. Creating Genius Playlists on Your iPhone
    19. Rating Your Songs on Your iPhone
    20. Sing Along with the Lyrics
    21. Using the Audio Playback Control Widget
    22. Listening to Audiobooks
    23. Taking a Call While You’re Listening to Music
    24. Setting a Sleep Timer to Drift Off to Music
    25. Rearranging Your Music Buttons
    26. Using External Speakers or Headsets
  19. Chapter Eleven. Video Killed the Radio Star: Using the Videos App
    1. Watching Videos on Your iPhone
    2. Buying Movies, Music Videos, and TV Shows
    3. Using AirPlay to Stream Video to Your Apple TV
    4. Movie DVDs That Contain a Digital Copy
    5. TiVo To Go
    6. Watching Videos Not Yet on Your iPhone
  20. Chapter Twelve. One Hour Photo: Using Your Camera and Working with Photos and Videos
    1. Using the Built-In Camera
    2. How to Choose Where to Focus
    3. Taking Self-Portraits
    4. Using the Built-In Zoom Feature
    5. Using the Built-In Flash
    6. Editing Your Photos Right on Your iPhone
    7. Taking HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photos
    8. Shooting Panoramic Photos
    9. Locking Your Exposure
    10. Arranging Your Photos in Albums
    11. Shooting Video with Your iPhone
    12. Shooting Video with Your iPhone Widescreen
    13. Editing Video on Your iPhone
    14. Video Straight from Your iPhone to YouTube
    15. Your iPhone Treats Videos Like Photos
    16. How to Shoot Stills While You’re Shooting Video
    17. Want to See Where You Took That Photo?
    18. Add Your iPhone’s Geotag Info to Other Photos Using iPhoto
    19. If You Shoot Video, Get iMovie for iPhone
    20. Getting Photos into Your iPhone (Mac)
    21. Getting Photos Without iPhoto (Mac)
    22. Getting Photos into Your iPhone (PC)
    23. Getting Photos Without Album or Elements (PC)
    24. iPhone Tips for Photographers
    25. Viewing Your Imported Photos
    26. Viewing a Slide Show
    27. Adding Background Music to Your Slide Show
    28. Viewing and Saving a Photo/Video Sent in a Text Message
    29. Making a Photo Your iPhone’s Wallpaper
    30. How to Email a Photo
    31. Access Your Photos from Anywhere Using iCloud
    32. Downloading Photos from Your iPhone
  21. Chapter Thirteen. Cereal Killer: Killer Tips and Tricks
    1. Slide a Push Notification Icon to Go to That App
    2. Send a Tweet or Post a Facebook Status from the Notification Center
    3. Get Notified When You Receive an Email from a VIP
    4. Restrict Access to a Single App
    5. Refresh Your Passbook Balance
    6. Take Safari into Full-Screen Browsing Mode
    7. See Your Safari Browsing History
    8. Use Safari to Upload Photos
    9. Mirror What’s on Your iPhone to Your Apple TV
    10. Set Up a Custom Vibration Pattern
    11. Use Your iPhone to Dictate into Other Apps
    12. Cut, Copy, Paste, Suggest, and the Landscape Keyboard
    13. Master the Virtual Keyboard
    14. Access Those Special Accent Characters
    15. Switch to a Foreign Language Keyboard
    16. Want to Use Emoticons?
    17. Tips for the International Traveler
    18. Create Your Own Ringtones or Text Tones with GarageBand
    19. Create Your Own Ringtones or Text Tones with iTunes
    20. Get a More Accurate Battery Status
    21. What to Do with Your Old iPhone
    22. Send Mail from a Backup Server
    23. Create a Custom Wallpaper Image
    24. Take a Screenshot
    25. Shake to Undo and Shake to Shuffle
    26. Find Out How Much Data You’re Using
    27. Protect Your iPhone
    28. Reading ePubs and PDFs in the iBooks App
    29. Why You Should Encrypt Your iPhone’s Backup
    30. Track Your Package
  22. Chapter Fourteen. Setting Me Off: The Ins and Outs of Your iPhone’s Settings
    1. Using Your iPhone on an Airplane
    2. Connecting to Wi-Fi
    3. Using Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
    4. Don’t Want to Be Disturbed?
    5. Manage Your Push Notifications
    6. Your iPhone’s General Settings
    7. Updating Your Software Over the Air
    8. Checking Your iPhone Usage
    9. Understanding Your Cellular Settings
    10. Using Your iPhone to Connect Your Laptop or Other Wi-Fi Device to the Internet
    11. Sync Your iPhone Over Wi-Fi
    12. Control Your Spotlight Searches
    13. Don’t Forget to Set Your Time Zone
    14. Setting Up Your Keyboard
    15. Choosing Your Primary Language
    16. Settings for the Visually, Hearing, Learning, and Physically Impaired
    17. Choosing and Managing Sounds
    18. Adjusting the Brightness and Changing Your Wallpaper
    19. Controlling Your Privacy Settings
    20. Setting Up Your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Apps
    21. Setting Up Your Notes App
    22. Setting Up Your Phone App
    23. Setting Up Your Messages App
    24. Setting Up FaceTime
    25. Setting Up Your Maps App
    26. Setting Up Your Safari Web Browser
    27. Setting Up Your iTunes and App Store Apps
    28. Setting Up Your Music App
    29. Setting Up Your Videos App
    30. Setting Up Your Photos and Camera Apps
    31. Setting Up Twitter Integration on Your iPhone
    32. Setting Up Facebook Integration on Your iPhone
  23. Chapter Fifteen. The Trouble with Boys: Troubleshooting Your iPhone
    1. Dropped Calls and Bad Reception
    2. The Quick Fix for Most Problems
    3. Your iPhone Doesn’t Come On or Respond
    4. No Sound
    5. You’re on Wi-Fi, but Your iPhone Uses 3G/4G
    6. You’re on Wi-Fi, but Your iPhone Won’t Surf the Web
    7. You’re in a Wi-Fi Hotspot, but Can’t Surf the Web
    8. Get a Fresh Start with Your Information
    9. Starting from Scratch
    10. Can’t Make Calls
    11. Did Your App Crash?
    12. Poorly Running Apps
    13. Do a Backup and Restore
    14. Battery Saving Tips
    15. More Battery Saving Tips
    16. SIM Card Not Detected by Your iPhone
    17. Software Updates Are Important
    18. Problems Downloading or Updating Apps, Music, etc.
  24. Chapter Sixteen. Matchbox Twenty: 20 Apps We Can’t Live Without
    1. Yahoo! Sportacular
    2. Zite Personalized Magazine
    3. Reeder
    4. Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine
    5. Tweetbot for Twitter
    6. Foursquare
    7. Instagram
    8. Adobe Revel
    9. Uber
    10. TripIt – Travel Organizer
    11. FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker
    12. GateGuru, Airport Info & Flight Status
    13. NAVIGON
    14. TomTom
    15. Movies by Flixster
    16. Presentation Clock
    17. 1Password
    18. Starbucks
    19. Dropbox
    20. Delivery Status Touch, a Package Tracker
  25. Index

Product information

  • Title: The iPhone Book: Covers iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4, Sixth Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2012
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780133375886