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The iPhone Book: How to Do the Things You Want to Do with Your iPhone

Book Description

There are basically two types of iPhone books out there: (1) The “Tell-me-all-about-it” kind, which includes in-depth discussions on everything from wireless network protocols to advanced compression codes. (2) Then there’s this book, which instead is a “show-me-how-to-do-it” book, that skips all the confusing techno-jargon and just tells you, in plain simple English, exactly how to use the iPhone features you want to use most.

The iPhone Book is from Scott Kelby, the award-winning author of the smash bestseller, The iPod Book, who takes that same highly-acclaimed, casual, straight-to-the-point concept and layout and brings it to learning Apple’s amazing iPhone. Scott teams up once again with gadget guru, and leading iPhone authority, Terry White to put together a book that is an awful lot like the iPhone itself—simple to use and fun to learn. The book’s layout is brilliant, with each page covering just one single topic, so finding the information you need is quick and easy, with a large full-color photo on each page so you can see exactly how it works.

You’ll quickly learn how to use the most useful and most requested iPhone features so you can start having fun, and start really using your iPhone today—right now! If you’re ready to learn “just the funk and not the junk,” it’s all here—in the only book of its kind—and you’re going to love it.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Scott’s Acknowledgments
  3. Terry’s Acknowledgments
  4. About the Authors
  5. Skip This Part, It’s Not For You.
  6. One. The Bare Essentials: That Stuff You Have to Learn First
    1. Turning Your iPhone On
    2. Putting Your iPhone to Sleep
    3. Turning Your iPhone Completely Off
    4. Getting Stuff into Your iPhone with iTunes
    5. Getting Back to the Home Screen
    6. Charging Your iPhone
    7. Adjusting the Volume
    8. Using Your iPhone’s Built-In Speaker
    9. Your iPhone’s Auto-Sleep Mode
    10. Mini Icon Decoder
    11. Finding Out How Much Battery Time Is Left
    12. Using the Built-In Keyboard
    13. Using iPhone’s Touchscreen to Navigate
    14. Syncing Your iPhone
    15. Using the Apple Headset (Headphones)
    16. Using the Headset’s Button
    17. Zooming In for a Better View
    18. Turning on Silent Mode
    19. When the iPhone Rings...
    20. iPhone Accessories & Third-Party Applications
  7. Two. Phoneheads: How to Use the iPhone’s Phone
    1. Importing Contacts from Your Computer
    2. Importing Contacts from Your Old Phone
    3. Dialing Using the Standard Keypad
    4. Saving a Dialed Number as a Contact
    5. Manually Adding Contacts
    6. Dialing Someone in Your Contacts List
    7. Seeing Each Contact’s Photo When They Call
    8. Shooting a Photo and Adding It to a Contact
    9. Turn a Recent Caller into a Contact
    10. Assigning Ringtones to Specific Callers
    11. The iPhone’s Version of Speed Dial
    12. Removing a Favorite
    13. Reordering Your Favorites
    14. Seeing the Contact Info for a Favorite
    15. The Advantage of Contact Groups
    16. How to Know If You Missed Any Calls
    17. Returning Missed Calls
    18. Seeing If You Have Messages
    19. Deleting Heard Voicemails
    20. Replay Just Part of a Message
    21. Putting a Call on Hold to Call Someone Else
    22. Recording Your Outgoing Message
    23. Sending Text Messages
    24. Reading Text Messages
    25. Muting Your Call/Hearing Through Speaker
    26. Making Instant Conference Calls
    27. Dialing an Extension
    28. Check Your Email While You’re On the Phone
    29. Pausing the Music to Take a Call
    30. Ignoring an Incoming Call
    31. Turning the Ringer Off
    32. Choosing Your Ringtone
    33. Stop People You Call from Seeing Your Number
    34. Setting Up Call Forwarding
    35. Using Apple’s Bluetooth Wireless Headset
    36. Other Headsets or Bluetooth in Your Car
  8. Three. Please Mr. Postman: Getting (and Sending) Email on Your iPhone
    1. Setting Up Your Email (POP, IMAP, or Yahoo)
    2. Add an Email Account Right on the iPhone
    3. Checking Your Email
    4. Reading Your Email
    5. Viewing Email Attachments
    6. Dialing a Phone Number from an Email
    7. Going to a Website from an Email Message
    8. Replying to an Email Message
    9. Filing an Email Message in a Folder
    10. Deleting an Email Message
    11. Forwarding an Email
    12. Composing a New Email Message
    13. Emailing a Photo
    14. Emailing a Note
    15. Header Details
    16. Switching Between Accounts
  9. Four. Surfin’ Safari: Using the iPhone’s Safari Web Browser
    1. Launching Safari
    2. Keying in a URL Manually
    3. Navigating a Webpage
    4. Using Your Bookmarks
    5. Adding a Bookmark
    6. Editing a Bookmark
    7. Deleting a Bookmark
    8. Using Google or Yahoo Search
    9. Viewing Your Pages Horizontally
    10. Dialing a Phone Number on a Webpage
    11. Navigating Back and Forth
    12. Getting a New Page
    13. Navigate Between Pages in Safari
    14. Refreshing a Page
    15. Viewing RSS Feeds on the iPhone
    16. Filling in an Online Form on Your iPhone
    17. Closing a Page
    18. MMS Support—Kind Of
  10. Five. Tool Time: iPhone’s Tools for Organizing Your Life
    1. Setting Up Clocks for Different Time Zones
    2. Using the Stopwatch
    3. Setting Up a Countdown Clock
    4. Using Your iPhone as an Alarm
    5. Using the Calculator
    6. Finding Videos on YouTube
    7. Playing YouTube Videos on Your iPhone
    8. Saving YouTube Videos as Favorites
    9. Customizing the YouTube Buttons
    10. Using Maps to Find Just About Anything
    11. Getting Driving Directions
    12. Finding Your Contacts on the Map
    13. Seeing Your Local Weather
    14. Adding Weather for Other Cities
    15. Making Quick Notes
    16. Getting Stock Quotes
    17. Getting More Info on Your Stocks
    18. Importing Your Calendar
    19. Adding Appointments to Your Calendar
  11. Six. The Song Remains the Same: Using iTunes and the iTunes Store
    1. Importing Songs from CDs
    2. Buying Songs from the iTunes Store
    3. Creating Music Playlists
    4. Creating Smart Playlists
    5. Downloading Radio & Video Podcasts
    6. Buying TV Shows and Movies
    7. Choosing What Goes into Your iPhone
    8. Going from iTunes to Your iPhone
  12. Seven. Video Killed the Radio Star: Using the iPhone’s Built-In iPod
    1. Syncing Your iTunes Library
    2. Launching the iPod Application
    3. Navigating the iPod
    4. Playing Your First Song on the iPhone
    5. Adjusting the Volume
    6. Using Your Playlists
    7. Shuffle Your Songs
    8. Playing Songs by Artist
    9. Fast Forward or Rewind Through a Song
    10. Repeating Playback of a Song or Playlist
    11. Advancing to the Next Song
    12. Pausing Playback
    13. Using Cover Flow
    14. Playing Other Songs from the Same Album
    15. Rating Your Songs on the iPhone
    16. Taking Advantage of Podcasts
    17. Watching Videos and Movies on the iPhone
    18. Audiobooks
    19. Create an On-The-Go Playlist
    20. Receiving a Call While Listening to the iPod
    21. Using External Speakers or Headsets
    22. Setting a Sleep Timer
    23. Rearranging Your iPod Buttons
    24. Syncing Your iPhone with Another Computer
  13. Eight. One Hour Photo: Enjoying Photos on Your iPhone
    1. Getting Photos into Your iPhone (Mac)
    2. Importing without iPhoto (Mac)
    3. Getting Photos into Your iPhone (PC)
    4. Importing without Album or Elements (PC)
    5. Viewing Your Photos
    6. Viewing a Slide Show
    7. Pausing and Manually Viewing Slide Shows
    8. Adding Background Music to Your Slide Show
    9. Using the Built-In Camera
    10. Viewing Photos Taken with the Camera
    11. Zooming In on Photos
    12. Receiving Photos from a Cell Phone
    13. Making a Photo Your iPhone’s Wallpaper
    14. How to Email a Photo
  14. Nine. The Trouble with Boys: Troubleshooting Your iPhone
    1. Can’t Connect to Your Wi-Fi Network
    2. The iPhone Doesn’t Come On
    3. No Sound
    4. Poor Phone Reception
    5. The iPhone May Cause Interference
    6. Turn It Off and Back On
    7. It’s Not Responding
    8. Can’t Make Calls
    9. Missing Album Art
    10. You’re on Wi-Fi, but the iPhone Uses EDGE
    11. Renew Your DHCP Lease Manually
    12. Battery Saving Tips
    13. iPhone Not Seen by iTunes
    14. SIM Card Not Detected by iPhone
    15. Mac iCal & Address Book Sync Issues
    16. Get a Fresh Start with Your Information
    17. Syncing Your iPhone with Entourage (Mac)
    18. Wiping the iPhone Completely
  15. Ten. Setting Me Off: The Ins and Outs of Your iPhone’s Settings
    1. Airplane Mode
    2. Wi-Fi
    3. iPhone Usage
    4. Choosing and Managing Sounds
    5. Adjusting the Brightness
    6. Changing Your Wallpaper
    7. General Settings
    8. Don’t Forget to Set Your Time Zone
    9. Mail Settings
    10. Phone Settings
    11. Safari Settings
    12. iPod Settings
    13. Setting Your Options for the Photos Application