34The Best Sales Interview Questions and Answers

  • Q. Ever wish you knew the secret to successful interviewing?

    A. Read on and you will!

The following is a blog post I wrote for Sales Hackers, which is focused on building and shaping the future of sales through educational, actionable, and unbiased content and events. I felt compelled to include it in this book because I truly believe that everyone who is in business is in sales. You are either selling yourself or your organization.

The times you have to sell yourself most are to a future employer for a new career opportunity and to your current employer to keep your career path moving in the right direction. These interview questions are useful to management and corporate leaders as well as human resource and recruiters who want to ask better questions to hire better fits. As you read this chapter, think of how it can help you or someone you know prepare more effectively and successfully for an interview, whether asking or answering the questions.

Even if you are not in sales, you can still gain wisdom from this piece. Watch for way to use portions of it by tweaking the questions and answers to make them your own. They can work for a variety of interviewing scenarios beyond sales (Salt the Hay! Chapter 3).

Sales Hacker Blog Post

Have you ever “nailed it!” when interviewing for a sales position? All the stars aligned. Your answers were spot on, and the rapport was effortless. Isn’t that the best feeling?! How do you usually ...

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