Chapter 12Technical Architecture Considerations

After spending the last seven chapters on data-related topics, we are moving on to technical and system architecture concerns. Some readers may be relieved, while perhaps others are disappointed that our immersion in the data itself is a thing of the past.

This chapter begins with several topics that impact the overall architecture of the DW/BI environment, including server oriented architecture (SOA), master data management (MDM), and packaged analytics. A new section in this second edition of the Reader takes a deep dive into the new world of big data, and features two major white papers written by Ralph. From there, we shift to the presentation server with a discussion of aggregate navigation, OLAP, and other performance tuning options. We briefly explore user interface issues in the data warehouse's front room, followed by several articles about metadata. Finally, the chapter wraps up with a discussion of information privacy, security, and other infrastructure issues.

Overall Technical/System Architecture

This section looks at a variety of system architecture topics, from the roles of service oriented architecture and packaged applications to master data management and integrated analytics for operational decision making.

12.1 Can the Data Warehouse Benefit from SOA?

Ralph Kimball, Design Tip #106, Oct 10, 2008

The service oriented architecture (SOA) movement has captured the imagination, if not the budgets, of many IT departments. ...

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