Chapter 15Final Thoughts

This chapter consists of just four articles: the final Design Tips written by Margy, Bob, Joy, and Ralph.

We begin with guidance regarding the keys to success for DW/BI initiatives. Margy, Bob, and Joy marshal more than 80 years of cumulative experience to share the critical insights they gained while helping literally hundreds of clients create successful DW/BI environments. Ralph finishes by turning to the future to make some fearless predictions about big opportunities that lie ahead.

Key Insights and Reminders

Margy, Bob, and Joy share the essential “must dos” that they've relied on throughout their careers. Following this guidance is sure to position you for similar successes in your careers.

15.1 Final Word of the Day: Collaboration

Margy Ross, Design Tip #177, Sep 1, 2015

For my final Design Tip, I'm returning to a fundamental theme that's not rocket science, but too often ignored: business-IT collaboration. If you buy into the proposition that the true measure of DW/BI success is business acceptance of the deliverables to improve their decision making, then buying into the importance of collaboration should be easy. Achieving business adoption is a pipedream if the IT resources on a DW/BI team don't collaborate with their business counterparts. Likewise, the business needs to be willing to collaborate with IT.

Collaborative multi-disciplinary teams create successful DW/BI programs. Every major juncture of the Kimball Lifecycle approach lends ...

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