Cumulative Table of Cases

A. Duda & Sons Cooperative Ass'n v. United States, §2.4, §34.7

A.A. Allen Revivals, Inc. v. Commissioner, §3.3(b)

Abbott v. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas, Inc. et al., §13.1(e)

ABC for Health, Inc. & Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy v. Commissioner of Insurance, §13.1(e)

Adirondack League Club v. Commissioner, §24.2(a)

Aid to Artisans, Inc. v. Commissioner, §3.3(b), §4.6

Airlie Foundation, Inc. v. United States, §4.1(d)

Airlie Foundation v. Internal Revenue Service, §3.3(c)

Alexander v. ”Americans United,” Inc., §34.3(d)

Allison v. Mennonite Publications Board, §13.1(e)

Alumni Association of the University of Oregon, Inc. v. Commissioner, §24.17(b)(iii)

Amato v. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, §26.5

Amato v. UPMC, §2.5(a)

American Academy of Family Physicians v. United States, §24.2(e)

American Academy of Ophthalmology, Inc. v. Commissioner, §24.17(b)(iii)

American Automobile Association v. Commissioner, §18.1

American Campaign Academy v. Commissioner, §4.2(c), §4.6-§4.7, §22.11(a), §25.1

American Charities for Reasonable Fundraising Regulation v. Pinellas County, §31.1(c)

American Hardware and Equipment Co. v. Commissioner, §7.1(b)

American Institute for Economic Research v. United States, §2.1(a), §3.3(b)

American Kennel Club v. Hoey, §18.1

American Medical Association v. United States, §24.3

American New Covenant Church v. Commissioner, §35.2

American Plywood Association v. United States, §18.1

American Refractories Institute v. Commissioner ...

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