Cumulative Table of Cases Discussed in Bruce R. Hopkins' Nonprofit Counsel

The following cases, referenced in the text, are discussed in greater detail in one or more issues of the author's monthly newsletter, as indicated.

Case Book Sections Newsletter Issue
ABA Retirement Funds v. United States 14.1(c), 14.2(a), 14.2(b) July 2013, Oct. 2014
Airlie Found., Inc. v. United States 20.3, 26.5(b)(iv) July 1993, Nov. 2003
Alpha Medical, Inc. v. Comm'r 20.4 July 1999
Alabama Cent. Credit Union v. United States 24.12(c) June 1987
Alive Fellowship of Harmonious Living v. Comm'r 10.9, 26.5(b)(iv) May 1984
Allen v. Wright 6.2(b)(iii) Aug. 1984, July 1985
Alumni Ass'n of the Univ. of Oregon, Inc. v. Comm'r 24.5(i)(ii) Dec. 1999
Amend16Robert Wirengard v. Comm'r American Academy of Family ­Physicians v. United States 4.5(a) 24.2(b), 24.2(g) May 2005 June 1995, Oct. 1996
American Ass'n of Christian Schools Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Ass'n Welfare Plan Trust v. United States 13.1(b), 18.3, 27.13(a) Oct. 1996
American Campaign Academy v. Comm'r 4.5(a), 4.5(b), 8.3(a)(i), 8.4, 20.3, 20.11(a), 20.11(c) July 1989, June 2001, Feb. 2005
American Civil Liberties Union Found. of Louisiana v. Crawford 1.4, 10.1(b) June 2002
American College of Physicians v. ­United States 4.9, 24.5(h)(iii) Oct. 1984, June 1986
American Hosp. Ass'n v. United States 24.5(h)(ii) May 1987
American Medical Ass'n v. United States 24.1, 24.5(h) Oct. 1987, Nov. 1987, Jan. 1990
American ...

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