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The Leadership Workout

Book Description

Take your performance to the next level with our tried-and-tested guide to leadership.
The Leadership Workout has been specially developed to be clear, simple, very easy to follow and highly effective. It will show you how you can identify your weak and strong points and the straightforward 10-step improvement plan will show you how you can quickly develop the skills and confidence you need to be an inspiring leader and effective manager.
·    Test yourself – Start by finding out your current confidence and skills as a leader or manager
·    Follow the 10 Steps – Learn everything you need to know to become a better leader
·    Take action –  Experience 10 situations where you can apply your new-found skills in real life
·    Face your fears – Take on 10 common leadership challenges to test your skills and find out how to handle them.
This book really works. And just to be sure, it’s already been tested on over 50 readers just like you. Start your leadership workout today and begin exercising your full potential.
 ‘Understand where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there through the use of exercises, proven models and reflection. Watch yourself grow and enjoy!
Georgina Feakin, Head of IT Engagement, Santander

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Contents
  4. About the author
  5. Author’s acknowledgements
  6. Publisher’s acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. Self-assessment questionnaire
  9. PART 1 10 steps to better leadership
    1. Step 1 Developing the right attitude
    2. Step 2 Communication- how to get the best out of people
    3. Step 3 How to build trust
    4. Step 4 Adapting your leadership style for the best outcome
    5. Step 5 Setting objectives that work
    6. Step 6 Delegating to and up-skilling your team
    7. Step 7 Motivating and engaging people
    8. Step 8 Giving feedback that leads to positive change
    9. Step 9 Moving from being reactive to proactive
    10. Step 10 Managing up (or how to say no without ruining your career)
  10. PART 2 10 leadership skills in action
    1. Skill 1 Leading a new team
    2. Skill 2 Leading a meeting
    3. Skill 3 Leading an appraisal
    4. Skill 4 Leading a conflict resolution session
    5. Skill 5 Leading a teleconference
    6. Skill 6 Leading a virtual team
    7. Skill 7 Leading a project
    8. Skill 8 Leading a strategy
    9. Skill 9 Leading a presentation
    10. Skill 10 Leading an interview
  11. PART 3 10 common leadership challenges
    1. Challenge 1 How do I balance leadership responsibilities with my day job?
    2. Challenge 2 How do I manage a team that is split over multiple locations?
    3. Challenge 3 How do I manage someone over whom I have been promoted?
    4. Challenge 4 How do I deal with conflict in my team?
    5. Challenge 5 How do I manage someone who is better than me?
    6. Challenge 6 How do I engage my team with change?
    7. Challenge 7 How do I appear confident, authoritative?
    8. Challenge 8 How do I stay informed without micromanaging?
    9. Challenge 9 How do I build team unity?
    10. Challenge 10 How do I set effective targets?
  12. Putting it into action (the mentor toolkit)
  13. Self-assessment questionnaire
  14. What did you think of this book?
  15. Index
  16. Endorsements
  17. Advertisements
  18. Imprint