The Lean CEO: Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence

Book description

Drawing on in-depth interviews with some of the best known Lean-practicing CEOs, this groundbreaking book shows how to implement lean in virtually every type of company and facet of the organization

The power of lean to build world-class performance requires a corporate-wide commitment to long term continuous improvement that very few organizations have made.The Lean CEO bridges the gap between lean and conventional management practices in a way that addresses the specific needs of executives.

Filled with narratives from leaders who have taken the lean journey with great success, The Lean CEO offers a detailed account of how top executives have reconciled lean activity with traditional management practices in order to meet broad corporate objectives. Readers learn how to use lean to eliminate waste, reduce costs, spark innovation, improve quality and delivery, engage employees, and build a sustainable future.

Jacob Stoller is a business journalist with expertise in implementing lean throughout entire organizations.

Product information

  • Title: The Lean CEO: Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence
  • Author(s): Jacob Stoller
  • Release date: April 2015
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071833073