Chapter 4

Lean Metrics

There are many lean metrics that can be used to understand a process. Commonly used metrics include the following:

  1. Process Time (P/T) is the time used to run a process.

  2. Waiting Time (W/T) is the time used to wait before the process starts.

  3. Lead Time (L/T) is the total process and consists of process time and waiting time.

  4. Work in Progress (WIP) is the number of items on the work waiting list.

  5. Percent Complete and Accurate (% C/A) is the time percentage of an input received with complete and accurate information.

  6. Changeover Time (C/O) is the time needed to shift from one activity to another and is also called as setup time.

  7. Takt time is the ratio between the net of working time available to customer demand. Takt comes ...

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