Special Thanks

Without our early adopters, who believed enough in The Lean Entrepreneur to pre-order a book when it was merely a landing page with a silly video, we might not have survived the process of writing and publishing this book.

Their early feedback on content and exercises forced us to simplify, focus, and home in on how to move the needle for them.

Thank you,

Brant & Patrick

The Lean Entrepreneur Early Adopters*:

Aalap Parikh
Abraham Williams
Adalsteinn Ottarsson
Adam Gibson
Adam Jong
Advanced VA
Akili King
Al Bsharah
Al Shaw
Alan David Rojas Yacolca
Alan Lattimore
Alan Turner
Alberto Jr
Alex Wolfe
Alexander Bastien
Alexander Ginsberg
Alexander Konowka
Alexander Osterwalder
Alexandre Marcondes
Alexandre Zamarion Cepeda
Alfred Lo
Alfredo Osorio
Alison Anthoine
Alison Gibbins
Alline Watkins
Alon Goren
Amiel Zwier
Andersen Andre
Andrea Amedeo
Andreas Cem Vogt
Andreas Klinger
Andres Arias
Andres Buritica
Andres Riggioni
Andrew Hemsley
Andrew Korf
Andrew Mohebbi
Andrew Payne
Andrew White
Andrey Gridnev
Anita Leffel
Antonio Lucena de Faria
Arden Grady
Armando Maldonado
Arthur Dodge
Arturo Garrido
Basil Elway
Beat Goetschi
Becky Smith
Beihua Yu
Benjamin Biddel
Benjamin Patock
Bergson Fogaca de Oliveira
Bernard Lebelle
Bernardo Mazzini
Bill Carver
Bill Kenney
Brendan Baker
Brenton O’Brien
Brittany Lynch
Brunno Cruz
Bryan Hall
C Crouch
Camilo Zamora
Carol Gunby
Casey Armstrong
Cassiano Porreca ...

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