Denver Health and its executive team, Lean Systems Improvement
Department, and many committed employees who embraced Lean and
created the journey we are describing.
Simpler Consulting and the Simpler Sensei who taught us much of what
we know about Lean and who guided our journey. Without their guid-
ance, Denver Health would have had no meaningful Lean journey. We
also thank them for learning with us as they rst entered the healthcare
space, reecting wonderful humility.
e Rockefeller Foundation, which provided one of us (Gabow) an aca-
demic writing residency at the Rockefeller Foundation Center in Bellagio,
Italy. is was valuable time for writing this book.
e Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that provided the ini-
tial grant funding that enabled us to pursue approaches for system trans-
formation and started us on our Lean journey.
e Caring for Colorado Foundation that also provided some initial
funding for us to begin our Lean journey.

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