Spotlight #1: How to Use This Book

This book has been written and organized to help a wide array of readers address their cost reduction opportunities and strategies by implementing Lean Six Sigma. Some may not be familiar with the methodology and how it can rapidly reduce cost. They may be managers or P&L owners looking for cost reduction alternatives to improve financial performance within a functional area, department, or single facility. Part I of this book is designed specifically for this group of readers. This section, even though it focuses mainly on Lean Six Sigma's tools of cost reduction, is not intended to be a do-it-yourself substitute for the requisite skills possessed by trained experts. Instead, it provides an understanding of Lean Six Sigma's practical and rapid cost reduction approach. It helps management understand the method sufficiently so that they may immediately improve local or departmental operating cost by leveraging skilled Lean Six Sigma practitioners, be they internal or external. Other readers may already be familiar with Lean Six Sigma but need to extract greater impact from the methodology across the entire business. These readers may be business leaders, deployment champions, or sponsors of an enterprise program who want to take their initiative to the next level. Perhaps their Lean Six Sigma initiative is no longer relevant to the business, or it needs to evolve, or perhaps their investment has failed to yield its full cost reduction potential. ...

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