CHAPTER 7Light Your Life on Fire

When was the last time you lost yourself? Time dissolved, and you tapped into an energy more powerful than the daily Starbucks caffeine hit. You felt in the zone and connected. You not only didn’t want it to end, it seemed impossible to stop. If it’s been ages, that’s okay, too. What matters is you have it, and it never goes away. Even if it’s been years or you felt it yesterday, this energy is fundamental for your leap.

Lighting your life on fire applies to every leap in your life; it’s rooted in living your purpose and allowing your passions to shine. When this happens, you’re likely to enter a flow state, a blissful state of optimized performance. But simply beyond achieving double the results in half the time, these states are deeply fulfilling, both in business and life.

But before you’re able to harness the true power of these states, you’re going to have to get clear on your purpose, passion, interests, and skills (see Figure 7.1). Using these ingredients, you’ll be able to move forward powerfully with your leap like never before.

Four circles, each overlapping with the other three, labeled Purpose, What lights you up, Marketplace needs, Your key skills. The area that is common to all four is labeled Your one liner.

Figure 7.1 Purpose, passion, skills, and marketplace needs come together to create your one-liner.

Step 1: Create Clarity Around Your Purpose

We sat there in a poorly lit, and way-too-cold Houston conference room and were told we had to identify our life purpose. We had exactly 90 minutes. The timer started. ...

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