CHAPTER 11The Physical Leap (Vitality on Fire)

Rich was like most 40-year-olds: slightly overweight, but not enough to be considered a problem. Sluggish and drained, but that came with the territory, decades of obsessing over a career in law, waiting for a time he could truly rest. He was tired, but who wasn’t? At least that’s what he believed; life is supposed to feel this way, especially when you’re pushing to become partner at a prestigious law firm; 80-hour weeks become the norm.

One night after a particularly intense week, he found himself walking up the stairs to his bedroom to meet his wife who was already fast asleep. Not anywhere near the top, he had to rest: he was short of breath and gasping for air. He wiped off some sweat and thought he may be having the start of a heart attack. He looked down and realized he’d only gone a few steps up the stairs of his home.

What the hell, he thought to himself. The years of poor health, a shitty diet, and pursuing success at the expense of his physicality came to a screeching halt. He was not only disappointed but he was also disgusted and embarrassed at who and what he’d become. At age 39, he was staring into the abyss of a brand-new decade, and yet this number represented a special opportunity: the chance to change radically.

Otherwise, he was going to drive his entire life straight into the ground. Literally.

That evening, Rich made a decision and experienced his moment. He would never be the same, and there was a clear before ...

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