CHAPTER 13The Connection Leap (Love Out Loud)

Rachel Hollis knew it was time. She’d been married to her husband for 12 years and the future looked bleak. She knew if she continued this path, they were destined for divorce. With four kids, and managing the day to day of her business, she needed to have the conversation. She had been growing personally and professionally, and he’d long been stagnant.

She was scared shitless. So, she put it off, and kept telling herself it would happen when the time was right. Days passed. Weeks passed. And months passed—and still she said nothing. The feelings only grew fiercer every time she didn’t listen and avoided what she knew she must do.

Then, she reached her breaking point. Explaining the dire circumstance in her own words: “I knew if things didn’t change, we wouldn’t be married in two years. We were growing apart.”1

After an especially trying family vacation when her husband spent most of the time disconnected, she couldn’t wait any longer. The kids went to bed that night, and she psyched herself up; it was happening, and it was (likely) going to hurt. But she leaned in anyway.

It was messy. It was emotional. But it was the wakeup call they both needed. That night, everything changed for them as individuals and as partners. Today, they consider this one conversation to be the breakthrough they needed to get to where they are now: connected, on fire, and thriving. Rachel Hollis shook the world with her book, Girl, Wash Your Face, selling ...

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