CHAPTER 16Your Declaration

What a ride. We’ve taken an adventure together, and you’re one of the few who has come all the way to the end. We’ve explored the unknown, we’ve wrestled with how to know you’re ready, the shapes and sizes of leaps available to you, and how to use this energy wisely for every area of your growth.

And yet, we’re not done, because now it’s time to cement your experience and set off to sail. Carrying your core ingredients and toolkit, you’ll set off on a voyage of a lifetime: full of thrill, zest, and the most beautiful elixir in the world of a live well lived.

On your terms. On your timeline. On your deepest desires.

Your leap is waiting for you, and it’s knocking at your door. And as we come to the end of our experience, it’s time to take the first step and declare the leap of your life.

Otherwise, it will slowly eat away at you moment by moment. Everything we covered will become a fantasy, your fantasy, another video game and could-have-been.

But the world will miss out, and so will you.

The Time Is Now

“Where are you? Here

What time is it? Now

What are you? This moment.”

—Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman

No more waiting.

No more hoping.

No more wishing.

Just like we started off, you came here because there’s a leap in your life that’s been calling you. Maybe when we started you didn’t know exactly what it was, and now you do. Maybe you knew all along. Likely, you found yourself with a little of both, and now you have clarity. Regardless, ...

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