The LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 2: Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons & More!
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It wi be nice to
visit Megs and Brickbot and
s what they’ve bn up to.
Lately I can’t help but fl
that LEGO bricks are shifting
out of place somewhere, as
if a destructive force was
gathering momentum.
Or perhaps I am just
imagining it...
Chapter 1 Back to the Idea Lab
Chapter 2 Victorious Vipers
Chapter 3 Service with a Smile
Chapter 4 A Ferry Nice Build
Chapter 5 Castaways Cove
Chapter 6 The Tudors
Chapter 7 On Set: STAR CLUTCH
Chapter 8 Destruction Zone
Chapter 9 A Veritable Fortress
Chapter 10 Brick Friends
Chapter 11 A LEGO Legend Calls
Ah! It’s bn so nice to have
sometime back in the Idea Lab
after that epic LEGO Adventure!
With so much inspiration, my place
sure has come a long way!

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