Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso
We, Im now up and ruing again,
and I s my first customer is
veryeager to board!
Yeah, I think I’d beer
get out of his way!
Take gd care of
myfriend’s car.
You don’t have
to woy about
that, Megs. it
wi aive safe
and sound.
Fortuitously, my
sensors have picked
up the Destructor on
an uncharted isle. If you
hurry, perhaps you can
catch up to him.
Megs, come in,
Goed zo,
Very gd,
Megs! s
you later,
Tot zien s!
Wow, Arjan,
those are
some epic
Thank you,
Megs. they
were very
fun to build.
Ok, Brickbot!
Punch in the
Goa run, Arjan.
Thanks for sharing
your ships with me!
Yes, definitely.
Tot zien s, Arjan!
This must be the the island.
lks like a huicane
has blown through here!
We,heo down there!
Ahoy! That pink-haired,
lily-livered scaywag
blew my lkout hut to
smitherns! You lk
like a handy builder.
Want to help me fix it?
Ahoy, yourself!
The name be Megs,
and I’d be hay
tooblige, sir!

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