Life in Snugburg
I really enjoyed meeting Birgitte and seeing her brilliant
models! Her use of bright colors with more muted black
and brown timber framing creates a medieval look
that’s fun and whimsical. She told me how she likes
to build scenes and create stories for her minifigures.
This brings them to life. Snugburg is cleverly built on
a single 48 × 48 stud LEGO base plate and is a great
example of how you can build an entire city incorporating
different looks into each side within a condensed space.
The stonework of the castle blends seamlessly into the
Tudor buildings. I should keep these techniques in mind
for the next addition to my Idea Lab!
Wow, Snugburg lks
like a reay fun place
to live! But I have to
get back on the trail
of The Destructor now.
Thanksfor showing me
around, Birgie!
You are most welcome,
Megs. It was my pleasure.
Gd luck arehending
that mad Destructor!
Building Tip
You can group colors—
for example, warm colors
like yellow, orange, red,
and brown or cold colors
like blues and purples. Or
you can contrast them,
as Birgitte has, to make
parts of your model
stand out.
Whoa, what is this
place? Hno sign
of any destruction,
I’d beer stash my
Transport-o-Lux and
now to
Who are you?
Are you with
that destructive
extra with the
weird hair?
Not exactly.
hedidn’t destroy
t much, did he?
I’m Toy. Let’s go
inside—I’ show you
what he wrecked.

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