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Building Tip
Sometimes playing with and
connecting random LEGO
pieces (called tablescrapping)
can lead to amazing discoveries
and inspiration. When you nd
some spare time and have a
load of LEGO bricks in front of
you, start sticking them together.
Don’t overthink it, just build and
see what you come up with.
Welcome to
stage 12!
Wow, this is
fuy epic,
Yeah, I sti get a
kick out of this
stu even after
doing it for
ages. Today we’re
shting a scene
in a coidor.
Tomoow it wi
be an airlock.
It’s just so cl.
Heo, Steven. This is my friend
Megs. I’m giving her a tour. Megs,
this is Steven, the director.
Nice to mt you,
Megs. Actuay,
We’re a person
down—would you be
open to shting
alile scene?
Sure. I gue until we
trace the Destructor
I have a lile time.
OK, Megs, when I say
action,” I nd you to
wave your arms around
like you’re in distre.
Se itmake me believe.
Megs, I have a new
location. Are you ready
for the coordinates?
Um, Ok.
That does not compute,
Megs, but it sounds like a
huge mistake. Everyone
should be a robot!
Yes, but first
I have to stop
being a robot!
I have to go, Toy. thank you for
your time, and I lk forward
to sing the movie. No one wi
believe it’s me in the suit! Bye!
No problem, Megs.
Bye and gd luck!
As we wandered through Tommy´s epic movie set, I felt like I was on
a real Hollywood studio lot! Everything in it is exactly as you’d expect
proper movie cameras, lights, rigging, and green screens! He taught me
a lot about the process of filming a movie; I could always use some of
these techniques on a smaller scale to create my own studio to shoot
some movies.
It was super cool to be filmed as an extra in a movie, too. Will I end up
on the cutting-room floor or make it to final cut? Only time will tell!

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