Oh no, the
Destructor has
reay done a
lot of damage
here. everything
is destroyed!
Destroyed you say? On the
contrary, these LEGO models
are meant to lk like this.
It's a style we like to ca
Post- Ap o calyptic.
Hi Megs, the name’s Tyler.
What caused a of this?
It’s up to your imagination,
reay: a biological,
ecological, or nuclear
disaster; zombies; an alien
invasion; or whatever you
like! Think worst-case
What a relief!
I’m Megs, by the
way. What kind
of apocalypse
are you
refeing to?
Hmsounds like the
perfect place for the
Destructor to hide out!
He is a tornado of
destruction with flaming
pink hair—have you sn him?
No, but that description
could fit quite a few
people around here.
Ok, mind if I
have a lk
over there?
Go ahead, but you’ never
get through that way.
there’s t much rule in
the way. How about we use
some of this junk to make
something to help us out.

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