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1 2
Still Standing
3 4
Now this is
my kind of
heh heh.
Aha! I knew I’d
find you lurking
here, Destructor!
Take that!
Flish creator in
your metal beast,
you wi never
catch me! DESTROY!!!
Argh! He’s geing
away! To the
Hi, Marco, I’m
Megs. It sure
lks like
you could use
s o m e h e l p.
We’ve had our share
of monsters here,
but there’s a new
creature about.
Yes, that sounds like the
monster who aacked our
guard post. We’d beer
start repairing the tower
now, before he or any
other monster shows up!
Would that creature be
a pink-haired destruction
monster? I’ve bn after
the foul beastie for a
while now and almost
had him, but he got away.
Ok, let’s
do it!
Heo up there! I don’t know who
you are, but welcome to the land of
Historica! Im Marco, and you’re just in
time to help us rebuild our defenses.

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