Chapter 7. the math behind the magic!

“I’m afraid we need to use . . . math!” —Prof. Farnsworth in Bender’s body, Futurama, season 6, episode 10

In Chapter 6, you learned how to use Data Wires and how to work with the Math block. In this chapter, you’ll learn about the Compare block and the Advanced mode of the Math block. Then we’ll develop new programs for the Wall-Following ROV3R.

dealing with measurement noise

Build the Wall-Following ROV3R (wall-following ROV3R), turn on the EV3 Brick, and open the Port View App. Go to the Input 4 tab, and set the IR Sensor into IR-PROX mode. You will find that the IR Sensor’s proximity readings vary from one sampling to the next—the last digit changes frequently—even if the sensor’s distance from an object ...

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