The Lenovo Way: Managing a Diverse Global Company for Optimal Performance

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The Lenovo Way to Profitability and Growth

In 2005, the Chinese corporation Lenovo acquired what was seen as a sacred American icon--IBM's personal computer business. It has since grown to become the world’s biggest PC company and is now rapidly growing in the global mobile space.

The Lenovo Way reveals practical methods for managing a truly diverse workforce operating around the world, drawn from both China and the United States.

Gina Qiao is Senior Vice President of HR at Lenovo.
Yolanda Conyers is Vice President of HR Operations and Chief Diversity Officer at Lenovo.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword: By Liu Chuanzhi
  6. Foreword: By Yang Yuanqing
  7. Yolanda’s Story: Gateway to China
  8. Gina’s Story: Merging Cultures
  9. Chapter 1: Going Global
    1. Protect and Attack
  10. Chapter 2: The Birth of the World’s #1 PC Company
    1. Built on the Ashes of the Cultural Revolution
    2. Playing Catch-Up in the Computer Tech World
    3. The Birth of a Legend
    4. Stringing Pearls in the Business World
    5. Growing Beyond China
    6. The Creation of a Homegrown Brand
    7. Early Strategy: Build a Meritocracy
    8. Build Incentives to Achieve a Loyal Workforce
    9. The Rise of a Marketing Star
    10. What to Do When Market Share Erodes
    11. Do What We Say, Own What We Do by Liu Chuanzhi
  11. Chapter 3: Managing a Corporate Culture Clash
    1. The Long-Term Lenovo Strategy Emerges
    2. Early Exposure: Lenovo’s IPO
    3. Stripping Down to Core Competencies
    4. The Importance of Branding: A New Look
    5. Don’t Acquire Before It’s Time, but Be Ready to Grow
    6. Leverage the Employees Who Are Ready for Change
    7. Fu Pan: Self-Critique for Success
    8. Make No Assumptions When Dealing with Different Cultures
    9. The Announcement That Rocked the Business World
    10. A Postmerger Period Rife with Misunderstanding
    11. One Lenovo Strategy: Cultivate a Zero Mindset
    12. Different Business Practices Can Get Lost in Translation
    13. The Lenovo Way: Put the Needs of the Company First
    14. Slow It Down: Give Everyone in the Room a Chance to Understand
    15. One Company with Two Systems
    16. Remember Just How Important Communication Is
    17. Don’t Discount the Small Stuff: Even a Gesture Can Boost Morale
    18. Get Personal: Speaking from the Heart Cuts across Cultures
  12. Chapter 4: Leading through Chaos
    1. Changing of the Guard
    2. Bridging the East/West Divide
    3. Bring in a Change Agent
    4. Creating a Corporate United Nations
    5. Highlight the Strengths and Identify the Weaknesses
    6. Interview People Face to Face
    7. Corporate Cultures Can Be as Distinct as National Cultures
    8. Identify the Positives and Build from There
    9. Motives Can Be Misunderstood
    10. Transforming a Culture Is Never a Rush Job
  13. Chapter 5: Global World, Global Thinking
    1. Changing Culture Is in the Details
    2. Customize the Playbook for a Total Global Overhaul
    3. Beyond Diversity
    4. Redefine Diversity for the New Global Reality
    5. Embrace and Understand Your Company’s Core Values
    6. Put Teams in Place Who Will Drive Change
    7. Defining the Economics of Trust
    8. Build Mutual Respect by Paying Attention to the Details
    9. Cultural Training Starts in the C-Level Boardroom
    10. Put Diversity into Action
    11. Look through a Different Lens
    12. Develop a Clear Business Strategy
    13. Establish Universal Protocols for Communication
    14. Never Assume a Common Definition
    15. Using Lean Six Sigma
    16. Simplify Your Key Performance Indicators
    17. Be Consistent When Rewarding Performers
    18. Manage How the Team Comes Together and Executes
    19. Leading at Lenovo by Yang Yuanqing
  14. Chapter 6: Protect and Attack
    1. Be Unpredictable—It Keeps the Competition Guessing
    2. Leadership Changes
    3. Observe and Learn
    4. Grabbing the Wheel
    5. Streamlining and Empowering the Leadership Team
    6. Rules of Engagement Must Be Modeled by Senior Leaders
    7. Our Founder Does an Intervention
    8. Strip Down Your Corporate Values and Identity the Essentials
    9. Keep It Simple
  15. Chapter 7: The 4 Ps for Business Success
    1. Plan
    2. Perform
    3. Prioritize
    4. Practice
    5. The Innovation Triangle in Action
  16. Chapter 8: Sharpen Global Leadership Skills
    1. International Assignments and Job Rotations Are Key to Professional Development
    2. International Postings Change Perspectives
    3. Going Overseas Leads to Invaluable Skill Transfers
    4. For Families, an Overseas Assignment Can Be a Tough Call
    5. Discovering the Things We Take for Granted
    6. Transferring Company Spirit
    7. Both the IAs and the Local Offices Benefit from Mutual Mentoring
    8. Individual Role Models Serve as Critical Cultural Bridges
  17. Chapter 9: The 5th P: Pioneer New Products and Conquer New Frontiers
    1. Pioneer: Expand Beyond Core Businesses and Capture New Customers
    2. Entering the PC+ Era
    3. Attack with Bold New Marketing Strategies
    4. Partnerships and Acquisitions Increase Our Global Footprint
    5. Leveraging Big Blue—Again
    6. Leapfrog over the Competition
    7. Protect and Cultivate the Home Turf
    8. Evolve and Reorganize When Necessary
    9. With Each New Acquisition, the Integration Process Begins Again
    10. Be Quick to Get Everyone on the Same Page
    11. Follow the Blueprint for Sustainable, Long-Term Success
  18. Notes
  19. Acknowledgments
  20. Index
  21. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: The Lenovo Way: Managing a Diverse Global Company for Optimal Performance
  • Author(s): Gina Qiao, Yolanda Conyers
  • Release date: August 2014
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071837255