The Lessons School Forgot

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The days of being locked into a single career for life are long gone. It's time to reinvent yourself, transform your life and work the new economy for everything it's worth.

With the industrial age quickly vanishing in the rearview mirror, The Lessons School Forgot is your instruction manual for hacking your mind and acquiring the skills to take control of your life and fortunes in the digital age.

In simple, straightforward terms, futurist and born entrepreneur Steve Sammartino, shows you how to:

  • 'unlearn' bad habits school taught you
  • discover how to work the digital economy
  • invest only your time and reap a substantial lifelong return
  • transform your life and carve out a new path to independence.

Inspirational, instructive, subversive, and with a wealth of insightful guidance, The Lessons School Forgot will help you to break from a lifetime of legacy programming and take full advantage of the technology revolution.

Table of contents

  1. About the author
  2. Preface
  3. Part I Revolution
    1. Chapter 1 A lesson about school
      1. STEM is not enough
      2. Time to unlearn
      3. The history of the present
      4. Why change hurts
      5. Incentives shape behaviour
      6. Hack the system!
    2. Chapter 2 A proxy for happiness
      1. The education tightrope
      2. The paperwork
      3. Formal now or formal later?
      4. Pull up your roots
    3. Chapter 3 The future is informal
      1. Discover the entrepreneur within
      2. Self-reliance needs a comeback
      3. The pace of change is super-radical
      4. It's time to just make stuff up again
      5. The formal institutions really don't get it
      6. Definitions really matter
      7. My school report
    4. Chapter 4 The future of work
      1. Your job is already gone
      2. An independent future
      3. The labour escalator
      4. The hierarchy of human needs revisited
      5. Ignore your weaknesses
      6. Strength-finding hacks
      7. Economics is always major
  4. Part II Revenue
    1. Chapter 5 The truth about money
      1. Are you being or organising?
      2. Why ESTEEM matters
      3. Divide and conquer, economics style
      4. Learning to do both
      5. The jobs and growth hoax
    2. Chapter 6 Money isn't money
      1. Delivering against a future promise
      2. The three types of money
      3. From ownership to access
      4. Wages, profits and tax
    3. Chapter 7 The seeds of greatness
      1. Spent money vs invested money
      2. Where did it go? The necessities confusion
      3. Society says spend
      4. Finance is a game
      5. The three places money can be stored
      6. Where to allocate our dollars
      7. The 30 per cent split
      8. It's bigger than you
    4. Chapter 8 The future of money
      1. The company isn't real
      2. The ‘turnaround' hoax
      3. The future value equation
      4. Unions — the false friend
    5. Chapter 9 The best way to invest money
      1. Time and money — the two investments we make
      2. The basics are beautiful
      3. The main challenges to investing
      4. Mistaking gambling for investing
      5. The success bias
      6. What makes investments go up in value
      7. Financial independence
      8. The financial wealth success ratio
      9. How to build passive income
      10. Capital always wins
  5. Part III Reinvention
    1. Chapter 10 Portfolio living
      1. How to become … anything
      2. The 10-meeting method
      3. Prove it!
      4. The most valuable thing I've ever done
      5. The portfolio of you
      6. You are an entrepreneur — right now an entrepreneur — right now
      7. Venn living
      8. Speed, momentum and success
      9. The feedback loop
    2. Chapter 11 Freelancing is rad
      1. A win–win solution
      2. You're worth more than you think — freelance pricing
      3. Portfolio theory and the projecteers
      4. The greatest freelance hack of all time
    3. Chapter 12 Upskilling
      1. Make the market (people) love you
      2. Become a one percenter
      3. Find human filters
      4. The impact of technology, not how it works
      5. The no-excuse list — how to learn anything for free and change your life
      6. Privileged Johnny vs Hardworking Mary
      7. The ultimate pitch method — how to sell anything to anyone
    4. Chapter 13 Instant startup entrepreneur
      1. All or nothing is terrible advice
      2. Side projects and the MVP
      3. Become an entrepreneur — today
      4. Your personal brand
    5. Chapter 14 DNA is DESTINY
      1. en•tre•pre•neur
      2. What to teach your kids
      3. Philosophy is greater than tactics
      4. The truth about wealth
  6. Notes
  7. Index
  8. EULA

Product information

  • Title: The Lessons School Forgot
  • Author(s): Steve Sammartino
  • Release date: May 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730343202