CHAPTER 12 Pulling it all together

Now that we have bridged the gap and learned how to transition to independence and interdependence, there are three final components that we must be aware of to enable us to venture out and into this new world order in a light and fast fashion. These final three components tie the earlier nine steps together and enable us, with lots and lots of practice, to become alpinists, advanced in the ways of moving light and fast.

So what are the final three components that tie up the Alpine Style Model? Figure 12.1 (overleaf) shows you.

Venn diagram shows three circles representing skills, insights and traits for Alpine Style Model. The overlapping areas are labeled as mission autonomy, antifragility purpose and engagement mastery.

Figure 12.1: the Alpine Style Model

The three components are:

  • Mission. This is about how we will launch projects in the new world.
  • Engagement. This is about why we will want to do the work in the new world.
  • Antifragility. This is about how we will adapt to the constantly changing ways of doing work in the new world.

In one final strange coincidence (yes, I know there have been a few so far), it just so happens that there is a strong correlation between these three components of the Alpine Style Model and the latest thinking ...

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