The Lightroom Mobile Book

Book description

Scott Kelby, the #1 best-selling Lightroom book author, brings you everything you need to know about Lightroom Mobile in his newest book.

Lightroom Mobile, which is kind of like an extension of the regular desktop version of Lightroom, allows users to use Lightroom on their iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. This is really handy because it lets you do a lot of the main things you use the desktop version for, but with Lightroom Mobile, you can easily do them on your mobile device. Plus, it’s “free,” and that’s a hard price to beat.

The Lightroom Mobile Book, first shows you how to get up and running quickly. Then, comes the fun stuff, like telling Lightroom on your computer which collections you want access to over in Lightroom Mobile. Plus, you’ll learn how to manage your collections, add Pick flags and star ratings, move images, play slide shows, and a bunch of other important stuff you’ll want to know right up front. Then, you’ll learn how to edit your images in Lightroom Mobile, using the same Basic panel features found in the desktop version of Lightroom–it’s the same sliders that do the same thing, and it’s even in the same order. You’ll also learn how to easily crop images, as well as use the in-app camera. You’ll learn step by step how to set up Lightroom on your desktop and mobile device, so that during a shoot, you can hand your client your tablet and not only can they see the images coming in live as you shoot, they can make their own Picks, comments, and even share the link with someone at a different location, so they can be part of the shoot, and the approval process, too!

There are lots of other handy features you’ll want to know about, and Scott tells you exactly how to use them just like he was sitting there beside you, using the same casual style as if he were telling a friend.

In The Lightroom Mobile Book, Scott brings the whole process together in a clear, concise, and visual way. There is no faster, more straight-to-the-point, or more fun way to learn Lightroom Mobile than with this groundbreaking book.

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Other Books by Scott Kelby
  7. About the Author
  8. Seven Things You’ve Got to Know Right Now!
  9. Contents
  10. CHAPTER ONE. Getting Your Images Into Lightroom Mobile
    1. Download and Sign In to Lightroom Mobile
    2. Choose Your Options
    3. Sign In to Lightroom on Your Desktop
    4. Turn On Sync with Lightroom Mobile
    5. Choosing Which Collections to Sync
    6. You Can Only Sync One Catalog
  11. CHAPTER TWO. Working with Collections
    1. Seeing Your Collections in Lightroom Mobile
    2. Creating a New Collection
    3. Adding Images to a New Collection
    4. Seeing Your New Collection on Your Desktop
    5. Seeing Where Your Original Images Are Saved
    6. Choosing How to Sort Your Collections
    7. Seeing Your Images in Grid View
    8. Changing the Size of Your Thumbnails
    9. Choosing Grid View Options
    10. Choosing Your Image Sorting Options
    11. Using Segmented View
    12. Manually Rearranging Your Thumbnails
    13. Setting a Cover Photo
    14. Copying and Moving Images
    15. Selecting Multiple Images
    16. Seeing an Image in Loupe View
    17. Zooming In
    18. Hiding the Loupe View Interface
    19. Using the Filmstrip
    20. Starting a Slide Show
    21. Flagging Your Images as Picks or Rejects
    22. Adding Star Ratings
    23. Using Filters to See Your Best Images
    24. Seeing Your Picks and Star Ratings on Your Desktop
  12. CHAPTER THREE. Editing Your Images
    1. Editing Your Images
    2. Setting the White Balance
    3. Using the Temperature and Tint Sliders
    4. Resetting an Edit Slider
    5. Using the White Balance Selector Tool
    6. Adjusting the Overall Brightness (Exposure)
    7. Automatically Correcting Your Images with Auto Tone
    8. Adding Contrast
    9. Fixing Brightest Areas (Highlights)
    10. Dealing with Highlight Problems (Clipping)
    11. Fixing Backlit Photos or Opening Up Shadows
    12. Expanding Your Tonal Range (Whites and Blacks)
    13. Bringing Out Texture with Clarity
    14. Adding More Color to Your Image
    15. Desaturating an Image
    16. Adding Pick Flags and Star Ratings While Editing
    17. Applying Changes Made to One Photo to Other Photos
    18. Seeing a Before/After
    19. Resetting Your Image
    20. Editing in Camera Roll
    21. Editing in a Web Browser
    22. Seeing (and Adding) Metadata in Lightroom Web
  13. CHAPTER FOUR. Going Beyond the Basic Edits
    1. Using the Tone Curve: Point Curve
    2. Using the Tone Curve: Parametric Curve
    3. Using the Tone Curve: RGB Channels
    4. Adding Edge Darkening (Vignetting)
    5. Converting to Black and White
    6. Creating Split-Toning Effects
    7. Adjusting Individual Colors in Your Image
    8. Fixing Hazy Images
    9. Fixing Skies (and Other Stuff) with the Graduated (Linear) Filter
    10. Creating Spotlight Effects Using the Radial Filter
    11. Applying Auto Lens Corrections
    12. Editing RAW Photos from Your DSLR
    13. Applying Develop Module Presets
    14. Using Preset Previews
    15. Adjusting Presets
    16. Applying More Than One Preset
    17. Copying-and-Pasting Settings from One Image to Another
    18. Copying-and-Pasting Features That Aren’t in Lightroom Mobile
    19. Making Collections of Adjust­ments Not in Lightroom Mobile
    20. Making a Collection for Third-Party Presets
  14. CHAPTER FIVE. Cropping and Stuff Like Cropping
    1. Cropping an Image
    2. Applying Preset Cropping Ratios
    3. Free-Form Cropping
    4. Straightening an Image
    5. Manually Rotate an Image
    6. Rotating an Image 90°
    7. Flipping an Image
    8. Flipping the Crop to Tall
  15. CHAPTER SIX. Sharing Your Images
    1. Sharing an Image
    2. Sharing a Collection
    3. Opening an Image in Another App
    4. Share or Open with Metadata. Or Not
    5. Create in Spark Page
    6. Saving to Camera Roll (or Gallery)
    7. View Images in Presentation Mode
    8. Viewing Images on Apple TV
  16. CHAPTER SEVEN. Sharing Your Shoot Live
    1. Shoot Tethered
    2. Set Up Your Tethered Shoot
    3. Create a New Collection
    4. Sync Your New Collection
    5. Send Images to Your Target Collection
    6. What Your Client Sees
    7. Have Your Client Add Flags or Star Ratings
    8. Make Your Collection Public
    9. What Your Offsite Client Sees
    10. Favorites Made Offsite
    11. Comments Made Offsite
    12. What You’ll See in Lightroom
  17. CHAPTER EIGHT. Using the Built-In Camera
    1. Accessing the Camera
    2. Using the Camera Features
    3. Shooting RAW Images with Android Camera Phones
    4. Previewing Your Last Capture
    5. Setting a Custom White Balance
    6. iPhone Users: Get to Lightroom’s Camera Faster
    7. Using Live Shooting Presets
    8. Finding the Shots You Just Took
  18. CHAPTER NINE. All the Other Stuff
    1. Applying Your Copyright Info Automatically
    2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts
    3. You Can Use It Without Using Lightroom on Your Computer
    4. Finding Images That Aren’t Syncing
    5. Moving Pop-Up Menus for Easier Editing
    6. The Benefits of Working Offline
    7. Working with Video
    8. Turning a Collection Into a Video Automatically
    9. Why Download the High-Resolution Version
    10. Clear Your Cache If You Run Out of Space
  19. INDEX

Product information

  • Title: The Lightroom Mobile Book
  • Author(s): Scott Kelby
  • Release date: September 2016
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 9780134547473