The Little Book of Clarity

Book description

Imagine what you could achieve if you could only clear your mind

The Little Book of Clarity shows you how to clear your head and get things done. Based on bestselling book, Clarity, this new edition has been distilled to the essentials, getting right to the point. With no vague theory or superfluous anecdotes, this book gets you right to work reducing stress and boosting productivity by uncovering your mind's in-built "self-clearing" capacity. As you begin to understand the concept of innate thinking, the benefits will start emerging in every corner of your life. As you think less, you'll win more — at work, at home, and at the game of life as a whole. You'll rid your mind of clutter for good as you focus on what matters, and finally free up the time you need to pursue your dreams.

Life's constant bombardment of "to-do" and "urgent" pushes your own priorities clear off the radar. Before you know it, you're always busy, but not getting very much accomplished. Personal goals fall by the wayside as you struggle just to keep up with day-to-day life. This book shows you how to cut the noise and clear the fog, and start working on what matters to you.

  • Harness the power of insight and principles
  • Discover your true identity and innate wisdom
  • Build better relationships and stronger connections
  • Discard toxic goals and pursue authentic desires

Clarity is the mind's natural state, a state to which it will always return if given the chance. Although it's evident in children, most adults have had this ability conditioned out of them by our "go-go-go" society, leaving them mentally muddy, stressed, and ineffectual. The Little Book of Clarity helps you erase that conditioning and gain the peace of mind to live a life you love — permanently.

Table of contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Part One: The Essential Foundations
    1. 1 Misunderstanding: The Hidden Trap
      1. The hidden hamster wheel
    2. 2 The Power of Insight
    3. 3 How Perception is Created
    4. 4 The Power of Principles
      1. The principles of flight
      2. The factory settings
      3. Context-sensitive
    5. 5 The Psychological Immune System
      1. The tip of the iceberg
      2. Fearful thinking
      3. Your psychological immune system
      4. Rumble strips
    6. 6 Habitual Thought Patterns
      1. The river still flows
    7. 7 Stress: The Source and the Solution
      1. The source of stress
      2. The light's better here
      3. The solution to stress
    8. 8 The Ultimate Leverage Point
      1. Hallucinations
      2. Level 1 – Material reality
      3. Level 2 – The content of thinking (i.e. what you're thinking about)
      4. Level 3 – The structure of thinking
      5. Level 4 – The nature of THOUGHT
  4. Part Two: The Deep Drivers
    1. 9 Innate Clarity and Peace of Mind
      1. Your understanding of how life works
      2. You have innate clarity and peace of mind
    2. 10 Creativity and Disruptive Innovation
      1. Disruptive innovation
      2. The gap
    3. 11 Authenticity: Your True Identity
    4. 12 Intuition: Navigating by Wisdom
      1. Note
    5. 13 Toxic Goals and Authentic Desires
      1. The two million pound security blanket
    6. 14 The Power of Presence
      1. Being present
      2. Clear mind, more time
    7. 15 Resilience
      1. Life is not a problem to be solved
    8. 16 Connection and Relationships
      1. Listening to be impacted
      2. Two worlds in one
  5. Part Three: The Way Forward
    1. 17 There's Only One Problem
    2. 18 Penicillin for the Mind
      1. The infinite elevator
      2. Penicillin for the mind
    3. 19 Do Nothing
    4. 20 The Leadership Delusion
      1. Beating the bell curve
    5. 21 Living a Life You Love
      1. A practical example
      2. Appreciation
      3. Gratitude
      4. Don't try to figure it out
      5. Understanding is a rational goal
      6. Pause when agitated
      7. Look to the source
      8. You don't need to be vigilant
      9. Be kind to yourself
      10. Lighten up
      11. Follow your wisdom
      12. The power of principles revisited
    6. 22 Capitalizing on Chaos, Complexity and Uncertainty
      1. The current wave-shift
      2. Early signs of the 4th wave
      3. Understanding the nature of THOUGHT
      4. The experience economy
      5. The critical 4th-wave factor
    7. 23 The Art of Sustainable Change
      1. Separate realities
  6. 24 Inspired Action
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Further Explorations
    1. Clarity certification programmes
    2. Clarity coaching, 1:1 intensives and retreats
    3. Clarity open programmes
    4. Corporate programmes
    5. Sports
  10. About Jamie Smart
  11. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: The Little Book of Clarity
  • Author(s): Jamie Smart
  • Release date: March 2015
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857086068