Chapter Ten


Make It Work Across All Markets


Michael Clarke

MOST PEOPLE FIRST PONDER TRADING AND THINK, “HOW could I ever trade soybeans, gold, wheat, Apple, Japanese yen, and Swiss francs successfully?” Those markets, to the beginner's eye, seemingly have nothing in common. But if you take a step back and analyze the price data, you can see that they do, in fact, have an important common denominator.

Blur your eyes and imagine a chart, a price chart, hanging on the wall. Now imagine you don't know the name of the chart. It's just a chart. Don't they all look the same if you take the name away? Is there really a difference? So do you really care about the economics behind oil? Or do you just want to make money from a trend delivering, for example, a 25 percent return? What if the 25 percent return came from soybeans or the Brazilian real—why do you care where your 25 percent return came from?

That's why you want to know Michael Clarke and his wisdom.

Clarke has traded hundreds of millions of dollars for clients over nearly 20 years. He has traded client money to produce profit margins that no investor would complain about. What is a great example of his success in action? He started shorting crude oil in the summer of 2008 when it hovered around $140. He stayed with that trade down, ...

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