If I were to attempt to acknowledge all the wonderful people who helped formulate the ideas that went into this book, it would take many pages. Suffice it to say that I have learned a great deal from the thousands of people working in and studying emerging markets since I began this adventure in the 1970s even before I started managing the Templeton Emerging Markets Fund. Over the years, experts within the Franklin Resources organization have helped the Templeton Emerging Markets Group grow enormously in assets under management, and instead of five countries in which to invest in 1987 with only US$100 million, we now cover more than 60 countries with over US$50 billion invested.

Special thanks go to Shalini Dadlani for her excellent research and editing as well as the team at John Wiley & Sons who have helped bring this project to fruition. Of course I must take sole responsibility for any errors and omissions.

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