The Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing: Finding Value, Generating Absolute Returns, and Controlling Risk in Turbulent Markets

Book description

To make money in this troubled economy you need to understand where the markets are headed, not where they've been. Clinging to outdated strategies and played out market trends are sure ways to miss out on new investments, and in The Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing, acclaimed investment expert John Mauldin teaches you how to read the direction of the markets to make decisions that capitalize on today's investment opportunities.

A practical road map to what's in store for the markets to help you stay ahead of the curve, the book debunks many of the myths that have come to govern investment logic, particularly the buy-and-hold, relative return vehicles that Wall Street peddles to unsuspecting investors. Giving you a clear view of the trends shaping the markets right now which are likely to provide investment options for the decade ahead, The Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing teaches the value of careful research before you put your money to work.

Whether the market is on its way up or down, there are always excellent opportunities to invest profitably. You just need to know where they are. Looking at how the markets have behaved in the past to make an educated prediction about where they're going, The Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing explains how to make investment decisions that make sense today, whether you're trading stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, or anything else.

Making the most of the markets is like hitting a moving target—difficult, but not impossible and with The Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing in hand, you have everything you need to improve your eye for investing and make stable and secure trading decisions that can turn a profit in even the most turbulent of times.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. An Introduction to Bull’s Eye Investing
  8. Chapter One: It’s Good to Be King
    1. Timing Is Everything
    2. Where Were We Again?
    3. When Past Is Not Prelude
    4. Long Waves Explained (Finally)
    5. Catching the Next Wave: Something New This Way Comes!
  9. Chapter Two: Rules of Engagement
    1. Jumping Ahead
    2. Positively, Absolutely Relative
    3. The Correlations Change
    4. It’s All about Assumptions
    5. Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
    6. Mean Lean Reversion Machine
    7. Don’t Worry! Be Happy!
    8. Avoiding “Street Rage”
  10. Chapter Three: Faith versus History
    1. Secular Is Not a Religious Term
    2. Sideways to Down for 20 Years?
    3. And on the International Scene . . .
    4. Your Pension or Your Life
    5. Demography Is Destiny
  11. Chapter Four: The Trend Is Your Friend (Until It Isn’t)
    1. The Historic Trend of . . . the Trend
    2. Investing by Committee
    3. If You Take a Risk, You Get Fired
    4. Bull versus Bear, Siegel versus Grantham
    5. Cooking the Data Books
    6. How to Spot a Market Cheerleader
    7. What Will the Stock Market Return over 10 Years?
    8. The “Surprise” in Index Investing
    9. Nash-Kelvinator, Studebaker, and Other U.S. Giants
  12. Chapter Five: Investors Behaving Badly
    1. Chasing Cars
    2. Analyze This: Analysts Are Useless
    3. Tails You Lose, Heads I Win
    4. Why Investors Fail
    5. I’ve Got a Secret System
    6. A Matter of Scale
    7. The Role of Skill?
    8. Analyzing a Fund
    9. Becoming a Top 20 Percent Investor
    10. Investors Behaving Badly
  13. Chapter Six: Dancing with the Bear
    1. The Fundamental Nature of Bull’s Eye Investing
    2. The Home Field Advantage
    3. Home Field Bias
    4. Familiarity Breeds . . . (Over)Confidence
    5. Evidence for Investor Overreaction
    6. Head Cases
  14. Chapter Seven: The Essence of Bull’s Eye Investing
    1. Value, Value, Value
    2. Your Advantage with Bull’s Eye Investing
    3. The Small Investor Advantage
    4. Get Some Help
    5. A Few Ground Rules for Bull’s Eye Investing in Stocks
    6. Where Are the Funds?
    7. Suffering Along with Warren
    8. Investing in Stocks for Income
    9. Trading Away
  15. Chapter Eight: The Sisyphus Syndrome
    1. The Wrong Elevator
  16. Chapter Nine: Spreading the Pain Around
    1. Gold Is the New Gold
    2. Taking Stock of Gold
    3. Basic Commodities
    4. What Are Global Macro Funds?
    5. Risks and More Risks
    6. How Do You Choose a Fund?
    7. Getting Real
    8. A Few Thoughts on Starting a New Business
    9. In the End, You Are Responsible for You
  17. Chapter Ten: Leading the Duck
    1. The Nature of Change
    2. Into the Looking Glass

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  • Title: The Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing: Finding Value, Generating Absolute Returns, and Controlling Risk in Turbulent Markets
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118239438