What About Retiring Overseas?

We’ll get into specific currency winners in Chapter 10, but it’s worth pointing out that retiring overseas can be a great way to stretch your dollars farther and make your retirement years the best of your life.

We have a few ideas on places we like that we’ve visited: Medellín; Colombia; or León, Nicaragua. And we’ve spent plenty of wonderful December weeks in Nicaragua at Rancho Santana (think Big Sur at half the price).

The more wealthy and active entrepreneurs in the world we meet—everywhere from Singapore to Dubai—the more convinced we are that becoming a Penthouse Gypsy will be the norm rather than the rule if you want to live well, make money (and keep it).

We wonder if this won’t happen to our country: that the most intelligent and productive people will just pick up and move. There’s every reason to expect an Atlas Shrugged scenario when the top minds in production, manufacturing, and transport simply go on strike and vanish.

Our government is afraid, just like the government in Ayn Rand’s America. While they’ve not made it illegal for you to retire, quit your job, or sell your business, they do make it harder to disappear.

One Reader Says It’s Happening: The Exodus of the Productive

My beloved wife and I attended an International Living conference in Las Vegas to explore living outside the country of our birth. I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Our business interests in Russia and Hong Kong are expanding and I intend ...

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