The Little SAS® Book for Enterprise Guide® 4.1

Book description

Learning to use SAS Enterprise Guide has never been easier! With The Little SAS Book for Enterprise Guide 4.1, Susan Slaughter and Lora Delwiche help you quickly become familiar with the SAS Enterprise Guide point-and-click environment. A series of carefully designed tutorials help you master the basics of the tasks you will want to do most frequently. The reference section of the book expands on the tutorial topics, focusing on specific features. If you are new to SAS or new to SAS Enterprise Guide, this book will be an invaluable tool on your way to becoming an expert.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Praise from the Experts
  3. About SAS Enterprise Guide
  4. About This Book
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Tutorials Section
    1. Getting Started with SAS Enterprise Guide
      1. Starting SAS Enterprise Guide
      2. SAS Enterprise Guide windows
      3. Basic elements of SAS Enterprise Guide
      4. Entering Data
      5. Creating a List Report
      6. Producing a Frequency Report
      7. Creating a Scatter Plot
      8. Adding a Note to the Project
      9. Saving the Project
    2. Reading Data from Files
      1. Before Beginning This Tutorial
      2. Starting SAS Enterprise Guide
      3. Opening a SAS Data Set From Your Local Computer
      4. Opening a SAS Data Set Stored in a SAS Library
      5. Opening a Microsoft Excel file
      6. Completing the Tutorial
    3. Creating Reports
      1. Before Beginning This Tutorial
      2. Starting SAS Enterprise Guide
      3. Opening the Tours data set
      4. Creating a Simple Report
      5. Changing Titles and Footnotes
      6. Changing Column Labels and Formatting Values
      7. Defining Your Own Formats
      8. Creating a Grouped Report
      9. Selecting a Style for the Report
      10. Completing the Tutorial
    4. Working with Data in the Query Builder
      1. Before Beginning This Tutorial
      2. Starting SAS Enterprise Guide
      3. Opening the Volcanoes SAS Data Table
      4. Opening the Query Builder
      5. Selecting Columns
      6. Creating a New Column
      7. Ordering and Removing Columns
      8. Filtering Data
      9. Sorting the Data Rows
      10. Completing the Tutorial
    5. Joining Two Data Files Together
      1. Before Beginning This Tutorial
      2. Starting SAS Enterprise Guide
      3. Opening the Two Data Files to Be Joined
      4. Joining Tables
      5. Filtering the Data
      6. Modifying the Type of Join
      7. Completing the Tutorial
  7. Reference Section
    1. SAS Enterprise Guide Basics
      1. SAS Enterprise Guide Windows
      2. Projects
      3. Managing Process Flows
      4. Maximizing and Splitting the Workspace
      5. Running and Rerunning Tasks
      6. SAS Data Tables
      7. Properties of Data Tables
      8. Properties of Columns
      9. Selected Informats
      10. Selected Standard Formats
      11. Scheduling Projects to Run at Specific Times
      12. Viewing and Editing SAS Code Generated by a Task
      13. Writing and Running Custom SAS Code
      14. Using SAS Enterprise Guide Help
      15. Using the Options Window
    2. Bringing Data into a Project
      1. Sources of Data
      2. Locations for Data
      3. Creating SAS Data Libraries with SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer
      4. Creating SAS Data Libraries with the Assign Library Task
      5. Opening SAS Data Tables
      6. Editing Values in SAS Data Tables
      7. Inserting Rows in SAS Data Tables
      8. Inserting Columns in SAS Data Tables
      9. Sorting Data Tables
      10. Creating New Data Tables
      11. Using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets As Is
      12. Opening Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets as SAS Data Sets
      13. Reading Delimited Raw Data
      14. Reading Formatted Data
      15. Reading Fixed-Width Raw Data
      16. Exporting Data
    3. Changing the Way Data Values Are Displayed
      1. Applying Standard Formats in a Data Grid
      2. Applying Standard Formats in a Task
      3. Defining Your Own Character Formats
      4. Defining Your Own Numeric Formats
      5. Applying User-Defined Formats
    4. Modifying Data Using the Query Builder
      1. Selecting Columns in a Query
      2. Sorting Data in a Query
      3. Creating Columns Using Mathematical Operators in the Expression Editor
      4. Creating Columns Using Functions in the Expression Editor
      5. Selected Functions
      6. Adding a Grand Total to a Data Table
      7. Adding Subtotals to a Data Table
      8. Creating Summary Data Tables in a Query
      9. Filtering Data
      10. Creating Compound Filters
      11. Filtering Based on Grouped Data
      12. Recoding Values in a Query
      13. Changing the Result Type of Queries
    5. Combining Data Tables
      1. Appending Tables
      2. Joining Tables
      3. Modifying a Join
    6. Producing Simple Lists and Reports
      1. Creating Simple Lists of Data
      2. Customizing Titles and Footnotes
      3. Adding Groups to Lists of Data
      4. Adding Totals to Lists of Data
      5. Creating Frequency Reports
      6. Creating Crosstabulations
      7. Creating Simple Summary Reports
      8. Creating Summary Data Sets in a Task
    7. Producing Complex Reports in Summary Tables
      1. Creating Summary Tables with Frequencies
      2. Adding Statistics to Summary Tables
      3. Changing Heading Properties in Summary Tables
      4. Changing Class Level Headings and Properties in Summary Tables
      5. Changing Table Properties in Summary Tables
      6. Changing Data Value Properties in Summary Tables
    8. Basic Statistical Analysis
      1. Distribution Analysis
      2. Summary Statistics
      3. Table Analysis
      4. Correlations
      5. Linear Regression
      6. Analysis of Variance
    9. Producing Graphs
      1. Bar Charts
      2. Pie Charts
      3. Simple Line Plots
      4. Multiple Line Plots
      5. Scatter Plots
      6. Selecting the Graph Output Format
    10. Changing Output Styles and Types
      1. Changing the Output Format
      2. Changing the Output Style
      3. Customizing Output Styles Using the Style Manager
      4. Combining Results into a Single HTML Document
      5. Creating a Customized Report
    11. Adding Flexibility with Parameters
      1. Creating Parameters for Data Values
      2. Using Parameters in Filter Conditions
      3. Creating Parameters for Variables Names
      4. Using Parameters in Tasks
      5. Using Parameters in SAS Code
  8. Appendix
    1. Data Used in This Book
      1. Tours Data
      2. Tour Dates Data
      3. Tour Bookings Data
      4. Volcanoes Data
      5. Eruptions Data
      6. Recent Eruptions of Etna Data
      7. Latitude and Longitude Data
      8. Portland Flights Data
      9. Seattle Flights Data
      10. Northwest Weather Data
      11. On-Time Status of Flights Data
      12. Advertising Results Data
      13. Ages Data
  9. Books Available from SAS® Press
    1. JMP® Books
  10. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Little SAS® Book for Enterprise Guide® 4.1
  • Author(s): Susan J. Slaughter, Lora D. Delwiche
  • Release date: July 2006
  • Publisher(s): SAS Institute
  • ISBN: 9781599940892