The Mac OS X Leopard Book

Book description

With so many books out there on Mac OS X Leopard, what makes this one better and different is its focus. While other Leopard books can regularly be 500-plus pages, this book cuts through all the technical jargon and gives you exactly what you want: the most important, most requested, and just plain coolest things about Leopard that will change the way you work on your Mac. With Leopard's newest features, this book will show you how to customize your workspace with Spaces, search and view your files fast with Quick Look, restore any file on your system with Time Machine, and much more. Each page covers just one topic, complete with full-color photos and screenshots, making it easy to find what you're looking for fast.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Other Books by Scott Kelby
  4. About the Author
  5. Zero. Seven Things You’ll Wish You Had Known Before Reading This Book
  6. One. 20 Things Every New Mac User Needs to Know: If You’re New to the Mac, Start Here
    1. 1. Working with Applications
    2. 2. Switching Between Applications
    3. 3. Using .Mac
    4. 4. Where to Save Your Files
    5. 5. Clearing Window Clutter Using Exposé
    6. 6. Getting Back to Your Desktop
    7. 7. Working with Finder Windows
    8. 8. Finding Files on Your Mac
    9. 9. Adding Things to Your Sidebar
    10. 10. Deleting Files from Your Mac
    11. 11. Keeping Things Organized
    12. 12. Renaming Stuff
    13. 13. Setting Up a Wireless Bluetooth Device
    14. 14. Password Protecting Your Mac
    15. 15. Backing Up Your Mac
    16. 16. Retrieving Lost Files Using Time Machine
    17. 17. What to Do If an Application Freezes
    18. 18. Fixing Problems with Your Mac
    19. 19. Burning Files to CD or DVD
    20. 20. How to Set Up a Printer
    21. More Tips for Using Your Mac
  7. Two. Customizing Your Mac Your Way: How to Personalize Your Mac So It’s More, Well...You!
    1. Renaming Your Hard Disk
    2. Choosing a Different Desktop Background
    3. Your Own Photos as Desktop Backgrounds
    4. Put the Dock Where You Want It
    5. Colorizing Folders
    6. Using Custom Icons
    7. Choosing How Big You Want Your Icons
    8. Organizing Your Folders (Loose or Strict?)
    9. Seeing More Info on Your Files
    10. See Only What You Want on the Desktop
    11. See Time Displayed Your Way
    12. Making Everything Bigger
    13. Adding Custom Names for Your Labels
    14. Controlling What You See in Your Sidebar
    15. Customizing Your Colors
    16. Changing Your Highlight Color
    17. Picking a Screen Saver
    18. Choosing Your Alert Sound
    19. Adding Your Photo to Your Address Book
    20. No Photo Handy? Use Your Mac’s Camera
    21. Creating a Custom Login Photo
    22. Choosing When Your Mac Goes to Sleep
    23. Changing the Speed of Your Mouse
    24. Changing the Speed of Your Trackpad
    25. Choosing What’s in Your Dock
    26. Clearing the Clutter (Setting Up Spaces)
    27. Using Spaces
    28. Turning Off Menu Transparency
    29. Get to Your Stuff Quicker Using Stacks
    30. Choosing How Your Stacks Look
    31. Having Two People Use the Same Mac
    32. Switching Between Two (or More) Users
    33. More Tips for Customizing Your Mac
  8. Three. Getting Your Life Organized: Getting Your Contacts, Calendars, and Other Stuff Set Up
    1. Managing Your Contacts
    2. Add Yourself First. This Is Important
    3. Create Your Own Contact Template
    4. Getting Contacts into Your Address Book
    5. Searching for People in Your Address Book
    6. Getting More Organized by Using Groups
    7. Use Smart Groups to Organize Automatically
    8. Using Your Mac’s Calendar
    9. Adding Something to Your Calendar (Month)
    10. Adding to Your Day/Week View Calendar
    11. Moving an Event to a Different Time or Day
    12. Adding a Reminder Alarm to Your Event
    13. Creating Multiple Color-Coded Calendars
    14. Creating Events That Span Hours or Days
    15. Repeating an Event
    16. Adding a To Do to iCal’s To-Do List
    17. Editing Your To-Do Items
    18. Sharing Your Calendar with Other iCal Users
    19. More Address Book Tips
    20. More iCal Tips
  9. Four. Unlocking Your Mac’s Dashboard: How to Make Your Mac Bring You the Info You Need
    1. Launching Dashboard
    2. Using the Built-In Widgets (i.e., Weather)
    3. Adding More Widgets (Monitoring More Cities)
    4. Closing Widgets
    5. Hiding Widgets You Don’t Need
    6. Getting More Widgets
    7. Deleting Widgets
    8. Other Ways to Bring Up Dashboard
    9. Creating Web Clips
    10. My Favorite Widgets
    11. More Tips for Using Dashboard
  10. Five. Getting Email on Your Mac: Plus, How to Leverage Your Mac’s Mail to Keep Organized
    1. Setting Up Your Email Account
    2. Setting Things Up to Receive Incoming Mail
    3. Setting Things Up So You Can Send Email
    4. One Final Step and You’re Done
    5. Sending an Email Message
    6. Customizing Your Email Text
    7. Using Email Templates
    8. Setting Up Your Email Signature
    9. Checking for Incoming Email
    10. Replying to Email
    11. Sending a Photo or File with Your Email
    12. Organizing Your Email
    13. Dealing with Junk Mail (Spam)
    14. Parental Controls for Email
    15. Mail’s Built-In To-Do List and Notes
    16. Using Mail’s RSS Reader
    17. Doing Text & Audio Chats Using iChat
    18. Adding the Friends You Want to Chat With
    19. Finding Out Who’s Available to Chat
    20. Letting Your Buddies Know If You Can Chat
    21. Actually Carrying On a Text Chat
    22. Doing an Audio (Voice) Chat
    23. More Mail Tips
  11. Six. Music and Your Mac: You Can Do More Than Just Listen to Music; You Can Make It, Too
    1. Playing an Audio CD on Your Mac
    2. Getting Music onto Your Mac from a CD
    3. Finding Music in the iTunes Store
    4. Buying Songs from the iTunes Store
    5. Getting Other Music into iTunes
    6. Making a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs
    7. Getting Music from Your Mac onto an iPod
    8. Hearing a Song Without iTunes
    9. Burning an Audio CD
    10. Using External Speakers with Your Mac
    11. Recording Music on Your Mac
    12. Making Your Own Music with GarageBand
    13. Using the Built-In Pre-Recorded Music Tracks
    14. Adding Drums to Your Song (Hey, It’s a Start)
    15. Adding the Bass Track
    16. Adding Keyboards and Saving Your Song
    17. More Tips for Music on Your Mac
  12. Seven. Playing and Making Videos on Your Mac: Your Mac Is Half Movie Theater, Half Movie Studio. Here’s How to Use Both
    1. Watching a DVD on Your Mac
    2. Watching Videos Using the QuickTime Player
    3. Watching Movies Using Quick Look
    4. How to Get a Video on
    5. Watching Video Using Front Row
    6. Doing a One-on-One Video Chat
    7. Doing a Three-Way Video Chat
    8. Buying Movies Online
    9. Renting Movies
    10. Recording Video with Your Built-In Camera
    11. Getting Video into Your Mac (Using iMovie)
    12. Where the Video You Imported Winds Up
    13. Putting Your Video Clips into Your Movie
    14. Adding Transitions to Your Movie
    15. Adding Music to Your Movie
    16. Putting Your Own Movies on DVD
    17. More Tips for Using Video on Your Mac
  13. Eight. Managing Your Photos with iPhoto: How to Keep Track of, Organize, and Have Fun with Your Photos
    1. Getting Photos onto Your Mac, Step 1
    2. Getting Photos onto Your Mac, Step 2
    3. Getting Photos onto Your Mac, Step 3
    4. Putting Your Favorite Photos One Click Away
    5. Sorting Your Photos in iPhoto
    6. Cropping Photos
    7. Removing Red Eye
    8. Fixing Your Color, Brightness, and More
    9. One-Click Special Effects (Like Black & White)
    10. Creating Slide Shows in iPhoto
    11. Adding Music to Your iPhoto Slide Show
    12. Emailing Your Slide Show to Other People
    13. Putting Your iPhoto Slide Show on a DVD
    14. Emailing Photos (from iPhoto)
    15. Putting Your Photos on the Web Using .Mac
    16. Finding Your Online Gallery
    17. Choosing the Look of Your Online Gallery
    18. Updating Your Online Web Gallery
    19. How to Hide an Online Gallery
    20. Making Photo Books: Choosing Your Theme
    21. Making Photo Books: Arranging Your Photos
    22. Making Photo Books: Customizing Backgrounds
    23. Making Photo Books: Changing Layouts
    24. Making Photo Greeting Cards
    25. Creating Photo Calendars
    26. Sending Out for Prints
    27. Printing Your Own Photos
    28. More Tips for Using iPhoto on Your Mac
  14. Nine. Working with Photos on Your Mac: How to Make Your Still Images Come to Life
    1. Downloading Photos from the Web
    2. Importing Photos Without iPhoto
    3. Viewing Photos Using Quick Look
    4. Seeing an Instant Slide Show
    5. Should You Use Preview to View Photos?
    6. Create Your Own Photos Using Photo Booth
    7. Adding Effects to Your Photo Booth Photos
    8. Different Backgrounds in Photo Booth
    9. Use Your Own Backgrounds Instead
    10. Viewing Your Photos Using Front Row
    11. Emailing Photos (Using Mail)
    12. Make a Photo Your Desktop Background
    13. Make an iPhoto Album Your Screen Saver
    14. More Tips for Using Photos on Your Mac
  15. Ten. Getting On the Internet: Anyone Can Look at Webpages; Now You Can Make Your Own!
    1. Using the Safari Web Browser
    2. Saving a Favorite Page as a Bookmark
    3. Where to Save Bookmarks (the Menu or Bar?)
    4. Organizing Your Bookmarks
    5. One Click to Load a Folder Full of Sites
    6. Revisiting Sites You’ve Already Visited
    7. Keeping Where You’ve Been Private
    8. Connecting Your Mac to the Internet
    9. Use AutoFill to Make Online Shopping Easier
    10. Finding a Word on a Webpage
    11. Customizing Safari’s Toolbar
    12. Connecting to a Wireless Internet Hot Spot
    13. Creating a Website Using iWeb, Part 1
    14. iWeb: Adding Your Own Text and Photos
    15. iWeb: Adding Links to Other Sites
    16. iWeb: Adding More Pages
    17. Creating a Blog Using iWeb
    18. iWeb: Adding Entries to Your Blog
    19. iWeb: Creating Your Own Podcast
    20. Putting Your Website, Blog, or Podcast on the Web
    21. More Safari Tips

Product information

  • Title: The Mac OS X Leopard Book
  • Author(s): Scott Kelby
  • Release date: May 2008
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321584083