The Manga Guide to Electricity

Book description

Rereko is just your average high-school girl from Electopia, the land of electricity, but she's totally failed her final electricity exam! Now she has to go to summer school on Earth. And this time, she has to pass

Luckily, her ever-patient tutor Hikaru is there to help. Join them in the pages of The Manga Guide to Electricity as Rereko examines everyday electrical devices like flashlights, heaters, and circuit breakers, and learns the meaning of abstract concepts like voltage, potential, current, resistance, conductivity, and electrostatic force.

The real-world examples that you'll find in The Manga Guide to Electricity will teach you:

  • What electricity is, how it works, how it's created, and how it can be used
  • The relationship between voltage, current, and resistance (Ohm's law)
  • Key electrical concepts like inductance and capacitance
  • How complicated components like transformers, semiconductors, diodes, and transistors work
  • How electricity produces heat and the relationship between current and magnetic fields

If thinking about how electricity works really fries your brain, let The Manga Guide to Electricity teach you all things electrical in a shockingly fun way.

Table of contents

  1. Preface
  2. Prologue: From Electopia, the Land of Electricity (1/3)
  3. Prologue: From Electopia, the Land of Electricity (2/3)
  4. Prologue: From Electopia, the Land of Electricity (3/3)
  5. 1: What Is Electricity?
    1. Electricity and Everyday Life
      1. Electrical Units
      2. Electricity in the Home (1/2)
      3. Electricity in the Home (2/2)
    2. How Electricity Works
      1. The True Nature of Electricity
      2. Current and Electrical Discharge
      3. Atomic Structure and Conductivity
    3. Static Electricity
      1. The Triboelectric Series
      2. Uses of Static Electricity
    4. Tags on Consumer Electric Products
    5. Voltage and Potential
    6. Atoms and Electrons
    7. Static Electricity
      1. Electrostatic Force
      2. The Triboelectric Series
      3. Movement of Charge and Direction of Current
  6. 2: What Are Electric Circuits?
    1. Electric Circuits in Everyday Devices
      1. A Flashlight's Circuit
      2. Parts of an Electric Circuit (1/2)
      3. Parts of an Electric Circuit (2/2)
    2. Ohm's Law and Methods of Connecting Electrical Components
      1. Electric Circuits and Ohm's Law
      2. Series and Parallel Connections
    3. Electric Circuits and Current
      1. Graphical Symbols
      2. Direct Current Circuit and Alternating Current Circuit
    4. Ohm’s Law
    5. Resistivity and Conductivity
    6. Effective Resistance
  7. 3: How Does Electricity Work?
    1. Why Does Electricity Produce Heat?
      1. Electricity and Joule Heat
      2. How Is Heat Generated by Current?
      3. Thermal Emission and Luminescence
    2. Current and Magnetic Fields
      1. Fleming's Left-Hand Rule (For DC Motors)
      2. Fleming's Right-Hand Rule (For Generators)
    3. Joule Heat
    4. Thermal Vibration
    5. Electromagnetic Waves
    6. Electricity and Magnetism
    7. Fleming's Left-Hand Rule and Motors
    8. Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule and Electric Generators
    9. Electricity and Coils
      1. Coils and Electromagnetic Induction
      2. Coils and Inductance
      3. Coils and Alternating Current
      4. Coils and Transformers
    10. Capacitors
      1. Capacitors and Alternating Current
  8. 4: How Do You Create Electricity?
    1. Generators
      1. How Does a Power Generator Create Electricity?
    2. Batteries and Other Sources of Electricity
      1. Chemical Cells (1/2)
      2. Chemical Cells (2/2)
      3. What Happens in a Dry Cell Battery?
      4. Water and Fuel Cells
      5. Anodes and Cathodes
    3. Creating Your Own Coin Battery
    4. Thermopiles (1/2)
    5. Thermopiles (2/2)
    6. Electricity Created by a Power Plant
      1. Thermal Power Generation
      2. Nuclear Power Generation
      3. Hydroelectric Power Generation
      4. Wind Power Generation
  9. 5: How Can You Conveniently Use Electricity? (1/2)
  10. 5: How Can You Conveniently Use Electricity? (2/2)
    1. What Are Semiconductors? (1/2)
    2. What Are Semiconductors? (2/2)
    3. Diodes and Transistors
      1. Diodes That Emit Light
      2. Transistors (1/2)
      3. Transistors (2/2)
    4. Diodes
    5. Transistors
    6. Field-Effect Transistor
    7. Converters and Inverters
    8. Sensors
      1. Temperature Sensors
      2. Optical Sensors
  11. Epilogue
  12. Index (1/2)
  13. Index (2/2)
  14. Updates

Product information

  • Title: The Manga Guide to Electricity
  • Author(s): Kazuhiro Fujitaki, Ltd. Trend-Pro Co., Matsuda
  • Release date: March 2009
  • Publisher(s): No Starch Press
  • ISBN: 9781593271978