It was a great pleasure to have been able to provide assistance to Kenji Ishikawa in creat-
ing this book. I was very thankful for the help I had received when I wrote my own book,
A Distant 14.6 Billion Light Year Journey, and felt that I wanted to return the favor now. Be
that as it may, I inspected the manuscript as carefully as possible, and I aimed for complete
accuracy by requesting corrections or revisions with little thought of any nuisance it might
be to the author or publisher.
Research related to the universe is progressing steadily now, and even researchers
find it difficult to sufficiently understand the leading edge of their own fields. Even more,
it’s next to impossible for anyone to gain a complete understanding of the universe. From
that perspective, when I first read this book, I was surprised that it discussed major obser-
vational and theoretical results, starting from a view of the solar system and finally arriving
at cosmology. I was also pleased to find diligent explanations of the basics of astro physics and
astronomy. This book, which overflows with the authors extraordinary care and enthusiasm
for solving the riddles of the universe, makes an extremely lively, unique, and wholesome
Furthermore, the power of manga as a means of communication is enormous, and it
goes without saying that it is much more effective than any mere accumulation of words.
If a new perspective on the universe can be gained with this book, new interest in the
universe can be generated, or readers can be encouraged to aspire to gaining a better
understanding of its mysteries, it will be an unexpected delight to me, since I have been
involved in cosmology for a great many years.
Kiyoshi Kawabata
Supervising Editor
November 2008

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