From the Geocentric Theory to the Heliocentric Theory 55
Well, just because the heliocentric theory is correct doesn’t mean that it’s the
absolute truth. It’s just more successful, compared with the geocentric theory.
We could say that the geocentric theory is correct in that it can explain the
observed planetary motions from the perspective of Earth.
What? So the geocentric theory
is also correct? But which one is
Does everyone know the
expression Occam’s razor?
Yeah! It’s the concept that says, “If two or more theories can explain the same
phenomenon, then the simplest one is more likely to be correct.” Is that right?
Exactly! If we consider applying this concept to the geocentric and heliocentric
theories, the heliocentric theory is more likely to be correct, since it is the
simpler one. We’re only saying that the heliocentric theory is correct based
on that fact.
Well, Copernicus’s diagram
certainly is more straightforward.
Simple is best!

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