106 Chapter 2
so tire d.
I've had it with how
enormously huge
the universe is.
You nd to
learn these
things. It’s for
your own gd.
Pt. You just
like being
in charge...
What part of
the galaxy
is the solar
system in?
Um...we, since
it’s aroximately
30,000 light-years
from the center,
it's prey close
to the edge.
Although the
number of stars in
our galaxy is said to be
betwn 200 biion and
400 biion, only about
3,000 can be sn with
the naked eye.
What’s in the Middle of the Galaxy?
I've got
to get
some air.
What’s in the Mile of the Galaxy? 107
That's a prey
number, isn't it?
There are a
great number of
mysteries about
the universe...
Even though science
has made incredible
discoveries, we sti
don't know very
much,do we?
On the
We continue to uncover
new mysteries because
our observational
technologies continue
For example, if we estimated the total ma of the
galaxy just from the behavior we could observe, that
is, just the verifiable heavenly bodies, that estimate
would be far t low. We know something must be
there because we can observe the way visible maer
is aected by the gravity of something that sms
not to be there. Therefore, the galaxy must have
nonvisible maer. We ca it dark maer because it
emits no light that we can observe.
We present to
youthe Top five
Mysteries of the
Galaxy That Have Not
Yet Bn Explained!
Or, to put it
At any rate, the more
research we do, the
more mysteries we find.
This is the beauty of
astronomy—and why it
is so fascinating.

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