Application: Almost Every Aspect of Marketing But Especially Segmentation, Branding, NPD/NSD, and Communication

The Concept

Time and again marketers have succeeded through gaining and exploiting an insight into human beings, their behaviour, and motivations. Whether it is successful branding, clever segmentation, iconic advertising, or stunning product innovation, human insight has been behind many of the successes of marketing. Sometimes this has resulted from the intuition of business leaders, sometimes from the outstanding creativity of a bloody minded or odd individual, sometimes through dogged trial and error and, often, through insights from field research. It is without doubt, though, that ever since marketers have sought to study and codify marketing, they have tried to find systematic, credible means to understand human behaviour. This means that they have sought out disciplines in the behavioural sciences like psychology, sociology, anthropology and, more recently, the still controversial behavioural economics. The fundamental view of the people who lead this is, quite sensibly, that marketing is about people, not products. It has led to several sub disciplines in marketing such as consumer behaviour and organizational buying behaviour.

As a result, marketers in all disciplines borrow concepts from the behavioural sciences in order to ...

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