Slides and Slide Projection


Two and a quarter inch square (6 × 6 cm) and 6 × 4.5 cm slides made on 120, 220, or 70 mm film fit into 7 × 7 cm slide mounts for use in 2 1/4 in. slide projectors. Slides in the 6 × 7 cm format can be placed into 8.5 × 8.5 cm mounts for use in a special 6 × 7 slide projector. Larger slides can only be projected in a lantern slide projector. Special mounts with a panoramic cutout are also available as are slide mounts for the 40 × 40 mm superslides to fit the 35 mm slide trays. Today’s 35 mm projectors, however, do not project superslides with satisfactory corner-to-corner illumination.


Since the film surface of all medium format slides is large, glass mounting ...

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