The Microbrewery Handbook

Book description

An unprecedented guide to successfully start or grow a microbrewery or craft brewery in a much more competitive world.

Opening a microbrewery starts with, of course, making great beer. But that is just the beginning. Today’s sophisticated patrons are offered an ever-increasing array of options. It’s so much more than beer nowadays. Yes, great beer is essential, but to attract and hold on to a loyal customer base, you must create a sense of place. Do your research. Understand financing and cash flow. Know how to measure your success. A successful, well-run microbrewery knows how to hire the right employees—employees that will spread word of your business to friends, family, even total strangers, both on and off the clock. Marketing, branding, customer experience; they all matter. There are so many factors that directly and indirectly contribute to success, it may at times be overwhelming. The Microbrewery Handbook offers an extraordinary look at all of the facets of success in the industry. No matter if you are thinking about starting a new venture or are already operating your own microbrewery, this valuable book offers real-world advice and proven strategies to help you thrive in the competitive micro and craft brewing industry.

Focused on practical guidance, author D.C. Reeves distills his experience founding Perfect Plain Brewing Company in Pensacola, Florida into an engaging, up-to-date resource for microbrewers everywhere. Clearly showing readers what works in the industry and, just as importantly, what doesn’t work, The Microbrewery Handbook:

  • Helps you create unique, memorable experiences for your customers, your employees, and your city
  • Includes coverage of the financial aspects of building and growing your business, such as banking, investment, and debt
  • Shows you how to transform your business into a community anchor
  • Offers suggestions on building an entire culture around your brand that promotes positivity and attracts the right kind of attention
  • Shares personal stories and advice from a successful microbrew entrepreneur
  • Includes interviews and insight with industry experts as well as owners of some of the nation’s elite craft breweries including Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, Jeffrey Stuffings of Jester King, and Doug Resier of Burial Brewing

The Microbrewery Handbook: Craft, Brew, and Build Your Own Microbrewery Success is an indispensable, first-of-its-kind book for anyone in the micro and craft brewing industry.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Foreword
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Chapter 1: Before You Begin
  5. Chapter 2: How to Use This Book
  6. Part I: The Basics
    1. Chapter 3: State of the Industry – for Now
      1. Chapter Homework: Test Your Market
    2. Chapter 4: Focus on Your Taproom First
      1. Inside the Numbers
      2. Value of a Taproom‐First Model
      3. Chapter Homework: Be Thinking About Your Plans for These Three Things
    3. Chapter 5: How to Differentiate Your Brewery
      1. Chapter Homework: Know These Four Things
    4. Chapter 6: Industry Q&A: Dogfish Head CEO Sam Calagione
  7. Part II: Building Your Microbrewery
    1. Chapter 7: Tips to Start Your Business Plan
    2. Chapter 8: Figuring Out Your Financials
      1. Understanding Top‐Line Revenue
      2. Understanding Cost of Goods Sold
      3. Projections Homework
    3. Chapter 9: Finance Q&A with Bhramari Brewing CEO Audra Gaiziunas
      1. Note
    4. Chapter 10: Finding the Dollars to Get Started
      1. Key Questions on Financing
      2. Chapter Homework
    5. Chapter 11: Sizing up the Brewery
      1. Annual Production Forecasting
      2. Selecting a System Size
      3. Calculating Cellar Capacity
      4. Note
    6. Chapter 12: The Wonderful World of Permitting and Zoning
    7. Chapter 13: What to Ask Your Architect and Contractors
    8. Chapter 14: Best Practices Q&A: Jester King Founder Jeffrey Stuffings
  8. Part III: The Keys to Success: Leadership and Company Culture
    1. Chapter 15: The Start to a Successful Brewery: Keys to Strong Leadership
    2. Chapter 16: How to Hire Well and Eliminate Turnover in Three Steps
      1. Before Step 1: Vetting
      2. Step 1: The HR Interview
      3. From Step 1 to Step 2: The Key to Success
      4. Step 2: The Technical Interview
      5. Step 3: The Peer Interview
    3. Chapter 17: How to Have Happy Employees
      1. 1. Onboarding, 30‐Day, and 90‐Day Conversations with All New Staff
      2. Midyear and End‐of‐Year Conversations
      3. Employee Engagement Survey
      4. Standards of Behavior
    4. Chapter 18: Common Barriers to a Strong Company Culture
      1. We/They
      2. Difficult Conversations and Lack of Documentation
      3. What You Permit, You Promote
      4. Eliminate Ambiguity
      5. Lack of Communication
    5. Chapter 19: Employee Engagement Q&A: Quint Studer
  9. Part IV: Creating an Incredible Customer Experience
    1. Chapter 20: Customer Service Tips
    2. Chapter 21: How to Program Your Taproom to Build Revenue
    3. Chapter 22: Keys to Improving Day‐to‐Day Taproom Operations
      1. Create a Daily Report for the Closing Leader to Fill Out
      2. Condition Leadership to Look at Sales Trends
      3. Who's Going to Own This?
      4. Involve Your Staff in Planning and Ideas Other Than Work
      5. Require All Leaders to Highlight Someone in the Company Doing Something Great Once Per Month.
      6. Don't Ever, Ever Be Cash Only
    4. Chapter 23: The Value of Finding and Preserving Mentorship
      1. Keys to Being a Good Mentee
    5. Chapter 24: Best Practices Q&A: Burial Beer Co. Co‐Founder Doug Reiser
  10. Part V: Getting the Word Out: Branding, Social Media, and Public Relations
    1. Chapter 25: Why Branding Matters
    2. Chapter 26: Tips for Improving Your Social Media Presence
      1. Social Media 202: Fewer Coupons, More Immersive Brewery Experience
    3. Chapter 27: How to Get the Local Media on Your Side
  11. Part VI: Capturing the Heart of Your Brewery: How to Love Your Community
    1. Chapter 28: Love Your Community, and It Will Love You Back
      1. Chapter Homework
    2. Chapter 29: Community Q&A: Creature Comforts Brewing Co.’s Matt Stevens
  12. Appendix 1: Perfect Plain Brewing Co.: Manage Up Employee Questionnaire
  13. Appendix 2: Perfect Plain Brewing Co.: New Hire Checklist
  14. Appendix 3: Core Values and Standards of Behavior
    1. Core Values
    2. Standards of Behavior
    3. Commitment Statement
  15. Glossary
  16. About the Author
  17. Index
  18. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: The Microbrewery Handbook
  • Author(s): DC Reeves
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119598046