Chapter 21How to Program Your Taproom to Build Revenue

Bryant Liggett Perfect Plain Events and Marketing Manager and D.C. Reeves

IF AT NO other time, we're reminded just how valuable programming is each and every February when zombies and hobbits and ghouls take over our taproom. We transform the taproom for Pensacon, a week‐long regionalized version of the famous Comic‐Con. That transformation, done with such spirit by our marketing and events manager and resident uber‐nerd at Perfect Plain, Events and Marketing Manager Bryant “BB” Liggett, brings an added layer of intrigue, fun, and revenue into our building. We also brew a special beer, feature locally crafted commemorative beer steins, and release bottles as collector's items specific to our theme that given year.

Does it take time to decorate? Of course. Does it take time to plan and do it right? Of course. But there are so many wins that come with programming.

Programming is the regular scheduling of events, both large and small, done internally by a brewery to attract customers to your taproom. The most obvious examples are live music, trivia nights, and beer specials. That's programming at its most basic level.

What does programming do? It introduces our company and taproom to new people. We show that we support our community and its big happenings – that we're hip to what's going on in our market – and it builds our reputation and our brand.

Programming comes both big (Pensacon) and small (trivia night, pint night, ...

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